CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly
November 13, 2019


Segmenting Your Supply Chain for Success

Join us for a special webinar to learn more about Supply Chain Segmentation. You will hear from Donna Warton, Vice President of Global Operations, Dell Computer; James Cooke, Editor of CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly; and Kelly Thomas, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, JDA Software as they share their experiences and discuss four key policy areas necessary for aligning the supply chain to unique customer and product value propositions.

Increasing product and customer complexity, diversified manufacturing featuring a broad range of product categories, multiple channels and unpredictable demand pose real challenges for companies. Yet many still rely on one-size-fits-all supply chain processes and policies - where some customers are over-served and others under-served - resulting in lost sales and lost profits. The key to success lies in a company's ability to meet the demands of different customer and product segments without excessively increasing supply chain costs.

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