CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly
July 17, 2019


Making Better Decisions Faster at Citizen Watch with Integrated Business Planning
As one of the world's most desired watch brands, Citizen Watch America uses integrated business planning to take a proactive approach to today's complex retail environments. CITIZEN maintains a complex omni-channel network that exceeds 10,000 stores, 25 major bricks and mortar customers, and 15 major e-commerce sites. Key to its success is a sales and operations planning (S&OP) process that helps keep time with an ever-changing product catalog, including demand segmentation for core products and assortment planning for exclusive and new product introductions by channel and customer.
January 2019

How The Best Transportation Operations Build Loyal and Happy Customers
Come hear firsthand from this leading panel of experts how, with the right technology and process, the supply chain can create a seamless and delightful experience for your customers.
October 2018

Building the WMS Business Case 2018
Right now the WMS market is very hot, as a variety of market and business factors lead to high levels of WMS adoption. Whatever the scenario, the new WMS must almost always be cost justified. In this fast-paced webinar discussion, two veterans of the industry will cover all the basics – and add new insight based on what's different in 2018.
October 2018

Developing an Effective Parcel Spend Strategy in an Online World
In this webinar, you will learn how to manage and master the unprecedented challenges of parcel shipping.
September 2018

Building Tomorrow's Supply Chain Today
Technology continues to race forward with IoT, Blockchain, AI, Industry 4.0 and the Digital Supply Chain. As if that isn't enough, the deployment of this technology has gone through a fundamental shift in moving to the cloud as well. How do you keep up? During this webinar, Eric Domski, a VP of NA Supply Chain for Oracle with over 25 years in Supply Chain, will offer a point of view on what the new imperatives are in driving to tomorrow's supply chain, today.
September 2018

Taking the "Ouch" Out of Transportation Costs
During this webinar, we will discuss how a digital supply chain can enable your organization to track carrier KPIs, improve communication with carriers and monitor the movement of goods at multiple levels.
June 2018

The Supply Chain of the Future – Tomorrow's Vision or Today's Reality?
Join Intel as we provide insight on how the Internet of Things will continue to transform key supply chain elements.
March 2018

Strengthening the connection between business strategy and the supply chain network
Learn how integrated planning allows supply chain to respond to change in a cost-effective and timely manner.
November 2017

Leveraging Free Trade Agreements: Revealing the Hidden Cost Savings
Learn how Benjamin Moore saved millions by automating the NAFTA qualification process.
November 2017

How to Drive Value and Optimize Inventory Investments
Reserve your spot today to gain new insights into the transformative benefits of multi-echelon inventory optimization.
September 2017

Predictive analytics: The key to "the perfect customer experience"
Join our panel of experts as they explain how predictive analytics can help you gain the operational intelligence and insights you need to take control of your supply chain while improving customer outcomes.
September 2017

Location Technology: The key to 20/20 Supply Chain Vision
Get an in-depth look at the advantages GIS has provided to Cisco’s service and supply chain operations.
February 2017

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SAP Integrated Business Planning at Tyson Foods: Demand Planning Best Practices
Tyson Foods shares the business opportunities it addressed and the improvement and value the company now extracts from SAP Integrated Business Planning.
September 2016

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State of Home Delivery Report 2016: Retailers' Brave New World
RSR's Paula Rosenblum presents the results of their benchmark of retailers' home delivery strategies, along with how well those strategies match up with consumer expectations.
January 2016

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The State of Logistics Report 2015: A Second Look
"State of Logistics Report" author Rosalyn Wilson discusses the report's findings and takes a deeper look at the trends that will influence buying and selling behavior over the next year.
September 2015

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Webinar: The State of Home Delivery 2014 - Issues and Answers for the Retail Ecosystem

Join this webinar to learn how companies are positioning themselves to address consumers' rising expectations when it comes to home delivery and explore perceptions of home delivery as cost center, a differentiator, or a revenue generator.

December 2014

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Found Money: How Modeling Technology Can Uncover Hidden Cost Savings in Your Supply Chain
Join Toby Brzoznowski, co-founder and executive vice president of LLamasoft, and CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly Senior Editor Dave Maloney to hear real-life examples of how companies have utilized supply chain modeling technologies like these to uncover that money.
January 2014

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Solutions to Drive Warehouse Productivity
What would it take to reduce the overall costs of labor in your warehouse or distribution center? It requires more than just software. It takes a plan and the know how to implement that plan effectively. In this webcast, Eric Hepburn, Vice President of Distribution Center Management for Penske Logistics, shares proven techniques on how to devise a labor management strategy that can make a huge impact on your distribution operations.
January 2014

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Harnessing Big Data for Enterprise-Scale Optimization
This videocast explores how companies can create realistic models of their entire enterprise to enable better decisions and how companies harness "big data" to model, optimize and analyze their end-to-end supply chain operations.
July 2013

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Put Your Freight Spend On Track
Drive your freight spend management beyond payment and spot audit to deliver the data you need to make smarter business decisions.

The continued volatility of freight costs and fuel surcharges has 70% of Chief Supply Chain officers working to streamline systems and improve collaboration, according to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group. Join DC Velocity, Aberdeen Group, and Syncada from Visa for a free webinar. Learn how your company can increase efficiencies and improve global visibility while reducing costs and enhancing carrier relations.
June 2013

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Labor Strategies for Surviving the Affordable Care Act
The webinar Labor Strategies for Surviving the Affordable Care Act offers insight and actionable approaches from two industry experts -- John Frehse, Chief Strategy Officer at Core Practice Group and Malysa O'Connor, Global Practice Director for Logistics at Kronos Incorporated. Join them as they share their perspective on how to best manage the costs, compliance issues, and operational impacts of healthcare reform.
February 2013

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Segmenting Your Supply Chain for Success
Join us for a special webinar to learn more about Supply Chain Segmentation. You will hear from Donna Warton, Vice President of Global Operations, Dell Computer; James Cooke, Editor of CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly; and Kelly Thomas, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, JDA Software as they share their experiences and discuss four key policy areas necessary for aligning the supply chain to unique customer and product value propositions.
April 2012

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Destination Europe
Companies looking to expand their distribution efforts into Europe should consider the location of the distribution facility and its ability to reach all key markets.
February 2011