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January 19, 2020
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January 10, 2020

Panel Built Security Booths Show That Safety is a Priority at a Facility

In addition to creating a comfortable working environment for the officers, Panel Built's security booths can provide an additional benefit to facilities looking to bolster their security.


As a provider of prefabricated security booths, Panel Built, Inc. knows that one of the best ways to boost a facility's security is by making is a presence. The purpose of Panel Built's security booths is to create a calm and comfortable environment for a facility's security officer to operate out of in order for them to stay alert and vigilant throughout their shift. In this way, the facility is rewarded with a security staff that is always on the watch, reducing the fatigue they could experience standing out in the elements. In addition, these booths can house additional security equipment like radios, CCTV, access control arms, etc. All of these are ways that facility's use security booths to catch a someone trespassing or committing a crime on their property. However, there is an additional security benefit that comes along with the additional of a security booth that some facility owners do not take into account...
In addition to being an excellent security monitoring tool, security booths also act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Just like a security camera, just the presence of a security booth at a facility can act as a way to boost facility safety by showing there is an emphasis on security at that property. And by stopping the incident before it happens, it creates an overall safer, more secure work environment for everyone involved from the officers themselves to the rest of the employees. In addition, this same way of thinking can provide peace of mind the facility's staff by knowing they have a presence on the property. As a modular provider of these buildings, Panel Built can deliver a security booth to a facility pre-assembled, ready to be put to use. Once the building is delivered to the project site, it only needs to be off loaded (typically with a forklift), put into place, anchored into the ground, and hooked into a power supply, and it will be ready to use. Panel Built's modular construction techniques creates one of the most quick and convenient security booth solutions possible.
Panel Built was founded in 1995 by brothers Pat and Mike Kiernan, and began with the construction of pre-manufactured buildings. Today, Panel Built offers a complete line of custom modular offices, mezzanines, security booths, pre-assembled exterior buildings, and cleanrooms. All our multiple product lines are produced on site, in four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Panel Built offers "A Better Way to Create Space" for all of your building projects.

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