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June 26, 2019
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December 18, 2018

AuptiX Launches Instant Partial Truckload Freight Quotes

Provides business-to-business freight shippers the industry's fastest online partial quotes

AuptiX, leading technology based freight shipping provider, today announced the launch of AuptiX Instant Partial Quoting to provide online freight quotes for Partial truckload shipments in less than a minute. AuptiX Instant Partial Quoting now gives many business-to-business freight shippers the fastest online Partial quotes in the industry.

The standard industry wait time on a Partial truckload shipment quote is between 20 minutes and an hour. AuptiX greatly surpasses this standard with Instant Partial Quoting, making it significantly easier for customers to quote and book Partial freight shipments online. The process is now as fast as an LTL freight quote. Shippers simply input the details of their Partial shipment and a quote will be generated instantly with multiple pickup and transit time options.

"Instant Partial Quoting is just the next step in our goal to fundamentally change the freight shipping industry with technology," said Oren Zaslansky, founder and CEO of AuptiX. "With this launch, business-to-business freight shippers will never have to wait for a Partial quote again."

AuptiX aims to modernize the outdated freight infrastructure that's been in place for over 40 years. Using sophisticated algorithms and logistics to automate freight shipments across the U.S., AuptiX is changing the long established and inefficient freight space.

"We're trying to do something that's never been done before," continued Zaslansky. "Instant Partial Quoting is a huge leap towards automating the entire freight shipping process. We'll be releasing our Guaranteed Hubless service offering in early 2019, giving customers the option to route all of their LTL freight off the traditional hub and spoke network."

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About AuptiX

AuptiX is the leading business-to-business freight shipping company dedicated to fundamentally changing the freight shipping industry across North America.Through AuptiX "Hubless" Pooling, pooled freight shipments avoid all terminals and hubs and are never unloaded until they reach the final destination. The hubless model moves freight faster, cheaper, and dramatically reduces the risk of damage and loss.

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