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December 19, 2018

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Get your entry-level employees certified in inventory management

Get your entry-level employees certified in inventory management

Inventory management is one of eight tracks offered by the SCPro Fundamentals Certification program.


Procurement priorities

Our new monthly column will discuss issues and trends affecting procurement practices and policies, giving you greater insight into this critical link in the supply chain.

Commentary: Modeling your competitor's supply chain: The untold story

Supply chain design software offers a tool for modeling a rival's network and performance. But few companies seem to be taking advantage of that opportunity.

Commentary: A tale of two continents

Although the causes of global warming have come under new scrutiny, governments will continue to pressure companies to reduce greenhouse gases in their supply chains.

Commentary: The return of the courier

Delivering small orders via public transportation may make sense in Europe, where shippers are under pressure to reduce road congestion while making smaller, more frequent deliveries.

A recovery is coming, but don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet

Even in a recovery, companies are likely to pressure supply chain managers to cut costs even further.

Commentary: Do-it-yourself diesel

Although diesel-powered trucks are our best option right now, it makes sense to develop other fuel sources—even if it means manufacturing it ourselves.

Don't bank on federal money for infrastructure improvements

President Obama's proposal for an infrastructure bank is unlikely to become a reality, but a new approach to funding is still needed.

Europe takes the lead in continuous replenishment

Some retailers in Europe are far ahead of their U.S. counterparts when it comes to continuous replenishment of store shelves. Will U.S. companies catch up?

"Client intimacy": A new mission for supply chain managers?

IBM wants its supply chain staff to provide not just products but solutions to its customers. Should this be a goal for every company?

Why Christmas will never be the same

The smartphone is changing shopping habits—and putting more pressure on retail supply chains.

Commentary: Should you create a supply chain center of excellence?

Here's why assembling a team of supply chain experts in a central location is a tactic worth considering.

Supply chain redesigns: not just about the oil

Companies that revised their supply chains in 2008 may be reluctant to do so now because they assume the price of oil will fall again. But oil prices shouldn't be the only factor involved in the decision to redesign.

The next big things: "control towers" and demand shaping

Speakers at the CSCMP Europe conference presented innovative ideas for supply chain management.

What's your "tipping point?"

Smart companies prepare for crisis by predetermining triggering events that prompt specific responses.

The economic impact of supply chain synchronization

Technology that matches supply and demand may be a factor in today's high unemployment rates.

For some manufacturers, produce-to-demand is worth a look

Produce-to-demand manufacturing can help reduce inventory and free up working capital—but it's not for everyone.

Bring back the private fleet

As the driver shortage worsens, it may be time to reconsider operating your own truck fleet.

Time to reconsider VMI?

More and more consumer packaged goods manufacturers are starting to rethink the value of vendor-managed inventory (VMI).

Segment customer demand to "rightsize" inventory

Segmenting products helps companies better match service levels and inventory to customer profitability.

Are you ready to supply the virtual store?

If "virtual stores" like those operated by Tesco in South Korea catch on, they could change the way retailers stock and deliver consumer products.

Want collaboration? Let's talk first

Face-to-face communication is an essential ingredient of true supply chain collaboration.

Managing the last 50 yards

If they want to know what's on their store shelves, then retailers should take a page from warehouse operators.

Making it in the "new normal" economy

Despite tough economic conditions, retailers appear to be managing inventories better than their peers in manufacturing and wholesaling.

Building "centers of excellence"

Concentrating supply chain expertise in functional centers of excellence has paid off for a number of multinational companies.

Living in two worlds

For logistics and supply chain executives, the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds in retailing will create some challenges.

Bring carriers into the sales loop

When shippers share sales forecasts with their carriers, both parties win.
Forward Thinking

When catastrophe strikes, being "overprepared" pays off

A panel at CSCMP's 2012 Annual Global Conference explored the stresses on supply chains when disaster strikes, and how to prepare for them.

All (inventory) things considered

Multiechelon inventory optimization software minimizes the total amount of stock across all nodes in the supply chain.

Time to go on the offensive

As the economy shows signs of renewed life, the time has come for a change of supply chain strategy.

Nearshoring will alter supply chain flows

In the United States, imports moving eastward from the West Coast currently dominate supply chain patterns. That could change as more manufacturing shifts to the Western Hemisphere.

Personal best supply chains

If you can't find ready-made benchmarks, consider creating them from your own internal data.

Waiting for Baxter to grow up

Could a humanoid robot handle some of the manual tasks required to fill "eaches" orders? We may soon find out.

Demand-driven supply chains demand new metrics

When customer demand drives supply chain activities, performance should be judged by customers' service metrics.

Overcoming challenges to "big data" analysis

Big data analysis could transform supply chains, buts its success depends on supply chain partners' cooperation.

Parallel picking: The route to faster e-commerce throughput?

Achieving same-day fulfillment and delivery will require changing picking practices in the distribution center.

Forget the platitudes, and move forward with fresh solutions

Instead of focusing on ideas and approaches that were popular in the past, consider new solutions for the increasingly complex problems confronting supply chain managers today.

Trading partner support is crucial to "big data" analysis

Supply chain partners that are unwilling to share information prevent others from achieving the benefits of big data analysis.

Consider a hybrid approach to demand planning

Combining customers' data from the field with supply chain analytics could give companies a more accurate view of demand.

"Protean" supply chains: Beyond flexibility

Flexible, agile, and resilient is no longer enough. Instead, companies need "protean" supply chains that can rapidly alter their shape in response to marketplace changes.

"Control towers" provide a return on risk management investments

An Accenture study found that companies earning a high return on their risk management programs have something in common: The use of "control towers" to collect and analyze data across the supply chain.

Focus your supply chain on profitable customers

It's costly and difficult to determine which customers are the most profitable. But it could cost you in the long run if you don't.

In harm's way

Supply chain management doesn't just happen behind a desk. Sometimes it requires brave people to venture into risky situations.

A supply chain lesson from the oil fields

If your company experienced massive, disruptive change, could you respond quickly enough?

In developing countries, a little creative thinking goes a long way

Tailoring supply chain practices to unique local conditions and culture can have a big impact on residents' quality of life.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Top-performing supply chains: Consumer packaged goods

Product complexity appears to be holding back performance improvement
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Top-performing supply chains: Pharmaceutical companies

In this fast-changing industry, supply chain excellence matters more than ever.

A dangerous disconnect

Failure to consider the impact of each step in the supply chain on all downstream activities can prove costly—or even fatal

A do-it-yourself approach to filling the supply chain talent shortage

Formal academic degree programs won't fully meet the growing need for professionals with industry-specific knowledge. An education program designed for the automotive industry offers a potential solution.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Top-performing supply chains: Automotive

As our review of automotive companies' performance measures reveals, the most efficient supply chain is not necessarily the most effective.

Cybersecurity and your supply chain

Properly vetting suppliers—and making data security a condition of doing business—can help reduce vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Top-performing Supply Chains: Apparel

Sourcing issues continue to create challenges for the apparel industry.

Ten years after

A decade after Hurricane Katrina wrought devastation across the American South, companies are looking at supply chain risk in a different light.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Top-performing supply chains: Tires

The automotive and truck tire industry shows marked improvement in supply chain performance.

Current events

Two recent articles in Supply Chain Quarterly look at fast-moving developments that bear watching.

Robots on my mind

Many people fear industrial robots as "job stealers." Yes, they do replace people in certain types of jobs. But in most cases, we should be thankful for that.
Procurement Priorities

Procurement's new role

Today's procurement leaders do a whole lot more than simply deliver the right products on time at cost.

Why minority suppliers belong in your supply chain

Including minority business enterprises in your roster of suppliers can generate meaningful business benefits, says Joset Wright-Lacy, president of the National Minority Supplier Development Council.
Forward Thinking

Worldwide spending on robotics to reach more than $135 billion in three years

Robotics spending in process manufacturing and health care are each forecast to nearly double by 2019, says a new report from IDC.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Top-performing supply chains: Contract manufacturing

Analysis suggests that the contract manufacturing model is failing to produce supply chain efficiencies and resiliency in the high-tech industry.

Unwitting accomplices

Logistics and supply chain professionals may unknowingly come in contact with criminals in the course of daily operations.
Procurement Priorities

No procurement? Could it be?

A new book questions whether the procurement function will continue to exist in its current form.
Procurement Priorities

Procurement salary surveys: Underpaid and unrecognized

Procurement professionals agree that salaries are too low. Here's what they can do about it.

The bimodal imperative

Gartner's big message: To succeed in business now and in the future, you need to follow two distinct supply chain paths.

Language lessons

English may be the principal language of international business, but it isn't—and shouldn't be—the only one.
Procurement Priorities

Talent supply issue nags at procurement

Procurement leaders are used to dealing with supply shortages. But here's one that's proving to be particularly challenging: the shortage of procurement talent.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Stuck in neutral: Few supply chain organizations are driving value across their networks

Despite a lot of talk about collaboration, many companies continue to emphasize cost and efficiency at the expense of their suppliers.
Procurement Priorities

Why risk needs to be top of mind for procurement leaders

"Hoping that your luck holds out" is not a good strategy for managing risk in the supply chain, says a new report.

No shortcuts

As our latest "Procurement Priorities" column points out, creating an ethical supply chain requires hard work, commitment, and support at every level of the company.

Onward and upward ... until you hit a barrier

A new report from AWESOME (Achieving Women's Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management and Education) suggests that companies would benefit on several levels by promoting women into top supply chain positions, yet barriers to advancement remain.
Forward Thinking

Second day of CSCMP conference addresses disruption

Seth Bodnar of GE Transportation highlights how the software revolution is meeting the industrial revolution in smart products and machines.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Are you building next-generation supply chain talent?

Supply chains will look radically different by 2030. To help their people get the skills they'll need in the future, companies need to rethink their current training and development programs.
Procurement Priorities

Tackling the tactical with procurement outsourcing

Outsourcing tactical procurement can help companies focus on adding value.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

Direct material procurement woes and how to fix them

While new technologies have served to improve indirect procurement, direct materials procurement remains tied to MRP and ERP systems. This needs to change.

Big ideas on campus

Time attending supply chain student events at your local college or university will be time well spent.
Procurement Priorities

As minimum wages rise, procurement must be ready to respond

With 21 U.S. states increasing their minimum wages in 2017, expect to see some suppliers asking for a price hike.

Separation without the anxiety

When companies divest or acquire a business, it has all kinds of implications for supply chain professionals. Our special three-part series provides an idea of what may be expected of you.
Forward Thinking

WTO ratifies trade facilitation pact; move seen as major boost to goods movement

Agreement is expected to have a greater impact than eliminating all existing tariffs, WTO director-general says.
Procurement Priorities

The window is open for real gains in supplier diversity

Diverse suppliers often have innovative ideas that make them stand out from the crowd. Procurement must use its influence and seek them out.
Forward Thinking

Survey: hospitals call for supply chain improvements

Automation and analytics could deliver patient safety, avoid inventory outage, save healthcare workers' time.
Procurement Priorities

Starved for resources?

Sustainable procurement now has management's attention. But a recent study finds that executives may not be willing to commit the human and financial resources needed for such programs to succeed.

What do you mean, "without the anxiety"?

Human resources issues were beyond the scope of our series on managing the supply chain implications of mergers, acquisitions, and divestments. That doesn't mean they aren't a concern.

A different kind of inclusiveness

Organizations that embrace all of the participants in the supply chain offer some benefits that more restrictive groups cannot.
Top-Performing Supply Chains

We haven't done enough to promote diversity

A recent supply chain talent survey shows that while the profession continues to evolve, it still lacks diversity. Let's vow to do better.

If you don't know what blockchain is, start studying

Get familiar with this technology now. Originally designed for managing digital currency, it's well on its way to adoption as a means of tracking supply chain transactions.

Let's throttle back a bit

Disruptive supply chain technologies that could profoundly change the way we manage inventory, deliver products, and interact with customers are being developed—and implemented—at breakneck speed. Are we moving too fast?

"Up close and personal" still matters

Online education has its place, but face-to-face communication provides greater value in many respects.
CSCMP Notebook

Welcome to a World of Education and Innovation

The very best in professional development ... designed exclusively for you.

La la la, I'm not listening ...

The Trump administration's positions on NAFTA would seriously harm the industries the White House says it is trying to protect. Business groups are trying to get that message through, but it's falling on deaf ears.

More from us, coming to you more often

By expanding our Supply Chain Executive Insight e-newsletter from monthly to weekly, we hope to help you stay better informed.

What it takes to innovate

Innovation happens when people are allowed to take risks and test new ideas. They have to be free to devote their energies to problem solving, too.

Happy (or maybe not) New Year

Are you ready to respond to the disruptions that may be in store for 2018?
Forward Thinking

India tops logistics list of emerging nations

A new ranking of the logistics markets in developing nations gives high marks to India and Brazil.

Lean overtakes Six Sigma for corporate improvement

Supply chain job postings indicate employers are placing increasing emphasis on "Lean" knowledge.

Get ready for mobile commerce

Manufacturers must be prepared to use new technology to fulfill consumers' orders, says a Kraft Foods Europe executive.

"Untapped" opportunities for greener supply chains

Three areas—collaboration, stock availability, and waste elimination—offer the best opportunities for improving sustainable supply chains.

"Cross-chain control centers" could improve benefits of supply chain technology

A Dutch pilot program would establish a center where companies could be share a talent pool of supply chain technology specialists.

Logistics outsourcing is most cited topic in academic journals

A review of academic literature has identified the most popular subjects for supply chain research and the most frequently cited authors.

Cost reductions, product quality top of mind for supply chain executives

A survey by IDC Manufacturing Insights finds that product quality issues are vying with cost reductions for supply chain executives' attention.

Retail trend: merging store and online inventory

The need to reduce inventory costs will push retailers to create a common pool of stock for both bricks-and-mortar and online operations.

Packaging changes demand "gentler" handling equipment

The trends toward eco-friendly packaging and increasingly varied product displays will influence the kind of material handling equipment that's used in distribution centers.

Logistics report reflects U.S. economic pain

Proof of the severity of the U.S. economic contraction last year is abundant in CSCMP's 21st Annual "State of Logistics Report," appropriately titled "The Great Freight Recession."

Mexico seen as the best place for low-cost manufacturing

For U.S. companies, Mexico's favorable exchange rate and low-cost materials and transportation make it the most cost-competitive country for manufacturing.

Companies increasingly willing to collaborate with competitors

A recent study found that a majority of companies would consider working with rivals in order to cut shipping costs.

Industrialized nations may lose infrastructure advantage by 2030

Wealthier countries aren't spending enough on infrastructure to stay ahead of emerging economies, say respondents to a global survey of infrastructure experts.

Recession hinders inventory management

Results of a new survey quantify the difficulties companies had in managing working capital.

CSCMP offers new, pre-conference workshops

Learn about supply chain fundamentals and strategic issues at workshops the day before CSCMP’s 2010 Annual Global Conference in San Diego.

Get ready for logistics mergers in China

China's fragmented transportation and third-party logistics industry will begin to consolidate, and industry leaders will emerge in the next three to five years.

European truckers may diversify, consolidate

A report from the research firm Transport Intelligence outlines the effects of the recession on European motor carriers.

Report: global manufacturing and sourcing raise risks for pharma industry

Pharmaceutical industry executives say that better supply chain visibility will be needed to control global supply chains that involve sales, sourcing, and manufacturing in emerging countries.

Goodbye assembly line, hello 3-D printer?

Additive-layer, or rapid, manufacturing processes are being used to produce larger and more complex objects. Could it replace traditional assembly lines for some products?

P&G readies its supply chain for a "VUCA" world

Procter & Gamble is revising its supply chain to reflect changes it expects will arise in a "volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous" world.

U.S. port competition for containers to increase

A study commissioned by a commercial real estate group forecasts growing competition for business among ports on the East and West coasts.

Companies to test "shared" supply chain in Europe

The Consumer Goods Forum, an international group of retailers and manufacturers, has a shared transportation, warehousing, and distribution pilot in the works.

Supply chain chiefs seek to conquer demand variability

A recent survey of chief supply chain officers finds that managing demand variability is their biggest worry.

Protect your supply chain with a continuity plan

A new book explains how to develop, test, document, and maintain supply chain continuity plans.

Supply chain chiefs wary about the future

A new study by the Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium finds that supply chain executives have a higher level of uncertainty about the future than they did in the past.

Mexico is tops in Latin America for "near shoring"

In a recent study, Mexico's interior beat out four other locations as a cost-effective spot for light manufacturing near the United States and Canada.

CFOs more involved in supply chain management

More chief financial officers (CFOs) are looking over the shoulders of supply chain executives, according to a recent Accenture study.

Redesigning your supply chain? Consider the tax impact first

Relocating manufacturing plants and distribution centers can drastically raise corporate taxes.

Concerns over information, legalities hinder collaboration

A new survey finds that shippers, carriers, and third-party logistics companies are interested in sharing supply chain operations but have concerns about the business aspects of collaboration.

Procter & Gamble executive to keynote CSCMP Europe conference

CSCMP Europe 2011 kicks off in June with address by P&G's Vice President of Product Supply Peter R. Williams.

CSCMP's Annual "State of Logistics Report": Costs rose in 2010 despite recession

U.S. logistics costs saw a marked increase last year, according to CSCMP's Annual "State of Logistics Report," the benchmark for logistics activity in the United States.

P&G establishes special logistics centers for emerging markets

Procter & Gamble has established "control towers" to manage the flow of product to the distributors that sell its products in developing regions.

What does it take to keep truck drivers satisfied?

Researchers in Europe found that truck drivers prize job security, the right equipment, and good working conditions.

More companies rely on supply assurance to increase flexibility

A survey by consulting firm PRTM finds that maintaining steady, reliable supply is a top priority for many companies.

Diminishing China-U.S. wage gap will make some states competitive for manufacturing

An analysis by the Boston Consulting Group predicts that flexible work rules, government incentives, and lower wage rates will attract production from China back to the U.S. within five years.

Supply Chain Quarterly, DC Velocity win national journalism awards

CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly and its sister publication DC Velocity take home the gold at business press awards ceremony.

Regulations bedevil health care supply chains

The annual UPS "Pain in the (Supply) Chain" survey finds that regulatory compliance tops the list of worries for manufacturers of health care products.

Join our discussion forum at CSCMP's Annual Global Conference

The editors of Supply Chain Quarterly will host a series of discussion forums about key challenges facing supply chain professionals today at CSCMP's upcoming conference in Philadelphia.

Go "Pro" with CSCMP's new certification program

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' new SCPro certification will identify an individual's level of supply chain skill and knowledge.

Supply Chain Quarterly wins national design awards

CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly receives graphic design awards for the fourth consecutive year.

A peek inside Wal-Mart Canada's "green" distribution center

Sustainable facility promises nearly $5 million in energy savings through 2015.

Dell segments its supply chain for efficiency

The computer maker has reduced waste and improved efficiency by matching its supply chain to customer categories.

Out-of-stocks dampened holiday spirit in 2011

Holiday retail spending may have been down, but stores still didn't have enough stock on hand this year, according to a survey.

Starbucks supply chain VP headlines CSCMP Europe Conference

Starbucks' Peter D. Gibbons leads a strong lineup of sessions on current issues and leading practices.

Regional trade growth outpaces interregional trade

Infrastructure plays key role in facilitating trade within geographic regions, says Georgia Tech professor.

Supply chain costs remain key corporate concern

Respondents to annual executive survey rank supply chain cost reduction as "important" or "extremely important" this year.

Book offers tips on creating a green supply chain

In the new book The Lean Sustainable Supply Chain: How to Create a Green Infrastructure with Lean Technologies, author Rob Palevich draws from his own experience to offer advice on creating a green supply chain.

Spending on supply chain planning software expected to jump

New ARC Advisory Group study forecasts 44-percent growth over the next five years.

CSCMP to offer conference discounts to military personnel

Organization also pledges a share of the proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project.

U.S. logistics system improved only modestly in 2011

CSCMP's annual "State of Logistics Report" shows "unremarkable" year for industry as logistics costs reach $1.28 trillion.

Product recalls vex most supply chains, survey finds

Three-fourths of supply chain executives have little confidence in their ability to trace recalled products and monitor their current status.

Supply chain visionary Charles L. "Chuck" Taylor, Jr. dies

Longtime industry executive warned of the potential impact of oil shortages and higher fuel prices on supply chains.

CSCMP, Competitive Insights contribute to U.S. supply chain security policy

Research conducted by both organizations on supply chain risk mitigation was used to shape a new national security policy for supply chains.

Supply chain execs see benefits in predictive software

Respondents to a survey of chief supply chain officers said predictive analytical software would help them make better decisions about inventory, demand, and other factors affecting profitability.

CSCMP annual conference keynote speakers share wit, wisdom, and practical advice

Keynotes at the 2012 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Annual Global Conference were not just persuasive and entertaining but also offered real-world ideas for success.

When catastrophe strikes, being "overprepared" pays off

A panel at CSCMP's 2012 Annual Global Conference explored the stresses on supply chains when disaster strikes, and how to prepare for them.

"3-D" supply chains could spur job creation, bloggers contend

Business partners advocate "public" supply chains that would allow small and medium-size companies to better compete against corporate giants.

New book examines supply chains from start to finish

Reinventing the Supply Chain Life Cycle: Strategies and Methods for Analysis and Decision Making explores how to manage products and services throughout complex supply chain cycles.

Study finds charbroiled burgers produce more particulates than clean-diesel trucks

California researchers document success of emissions-reduction technology in heavy-duty trucks.

Study: LSPs aim for two-year software payback

The majority of logistics service providers plan to buy new transportation management, warehouse management, or freight forwarding software in 2013.

India 2013 conference explores global supply chain practices

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals conference in Mumbai will feature speakers from influential global companies.

Report urges wider use of existing bar-code standards to meet consumers' needs, improve supply chain efficiency

To improve efficiency and meet consumers' demand for information, more companies must use current bar-code standards to the fullest extent, says a new report.

The end of inventory?

Fewer goods are being stored in warehouses and distribution centers, and that doesn't seem likely to change. Are we in permanent lean mode?

U.S. catches up to Mexico as preferred North American "nearshore" location, survey finds

Both countries score equally among respondents with an interest in nearshoring.

"Young professionals" groups gather steam

In an effort to draw a new generation into the logistics field, an increasing number of industry associations are establishing groups for the under-40 set.

MIT to offer four-day supply chain leadership course

Interactive course will include simulations, case studies, info from cutting-edge research.

CSCMP's "State of Logistics Report": U.S. logistics system has entered a "new order"

The 24th annual report foresees subpar volumes and grudging gains continuing through 2015.

Study: Geography playing a bigger role in inventory control

A new Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium report finds that globalization is changing inventory practices.

The state of reshoring

A new infographic sums up the history and current state of "reshoring"—bringing manufacturing back to the United States.

Costs remain a significant barrier to sustainability programs

A new AlixPartners study finds that many companies with "green" supply chain programs are concerned about getting a return on those investments.

Who are the biggest U.S. exporters?

Manufacturers of chemicals, food, and consumer goods top the list of the largest exporters based on shipments over the past three years.

Mexico to develop carbon footprint label for products

The U.K.'s Carbon Trust will lead a project to promote sustainable purchasing and develop criteria for evaluating manufacturers' environmental claims.

Supply chain chiefs eye omnichannel expansion

More than half of the respondents to a global survey of chief supply chain officers said they're considering expanding their omnichannel capabilities soon.

Study: Middle-market companies need more sophisticated financial measurements

New research finds that most firms continue to rely on the basic metrics of revenues and the costs associated with providing their products and services.

Third-party logistics industry continues to feel the effects of the economic downturn

Respondents to an annual survey of 3PL chief executives say that the global recession will continue to shape the industry's cost and competitive landscape for several more years.

Managing trade-offs vexes pharma supply chain chiefs

Respondents to a recent pharmaceutical industry survey cited the difficulty of juggling cost, service, and regulatory compliance as their greatest challenge.

New book advocates turning procurement into "supply entrepreneurship"

Procurement 20/20: Supply Entrepreneurship in a Changing World offers recommendations for adapting procurement practices to trends that are transforming business practices.

3D-printer market expected to grow by 19 percent this year

As three-dimensional printing gains ground in manufacturing parts and components, sales of industrial 3-D printers are taking off.

Supply chain pioneer's new book provides a personal take on life and business

Joe Andraski's My Incredible Supply Chain Journey ... and What You Can Learn From It is a unique account of his personal story, Nabisco history, and what makes a supply chain organization great.

Survey: Use of item-level RFID growing, but slowly

Although the technology can help retailers improve customer service, data accuracy, and inventory management, barriers to adoption remain.

Amazon plans to revamp its U.S. shipping network

A company-controlled private fleet reportedly will serve the 40 largest population centers, with the balance handled by regional parcel carriers and the U.S. Postal Service.

Are you "fierce" enough to be successful?

Those who succeed in supply chain management tend to have an element of fierceness that helps separate them from the competent, the passionate, and the passionately capable.

"State of Logistics Report": U.S. warehousing demand spiked in 2013 due to cheap money, retailers' overconfidence

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) annual research report says logistics costs as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) fell to 8.2 percent last year.

Supply chain analytics tops executives' priority list for technology investment

Most respondents to an IBM survey said they plan to implement advanced analytics and modeling in the next two to five years. Visibility was second on their priority list.

Survey: Cost, IT, strategy, transportation are top concerns for supply chain managers

The Q1 edition of the "Supply Chain Heartbeat" survey found that some supply chain basics are "top of mind" for supply chain executives.

Supply chain executives fail to properly manage supplier risks

Respondents to a University of Tennessee survey recognize the importance of supplier risk, but few measure it.

Few companies achieve a high ROI from risk management

A new Accenture study correlates specific management strategies with high returns on investments in supply chain risk management.

Most retail supply chains are not ready for omnichannel commerce

Less than one-fourth of retail CEOs participating in a global study sponsored by JDA Software believe the rise of omnichannel shopping will affect their organizations.

Retail supply chains focus on "unified commerce"

An annual survey conducted by Boston Retail Partners finds that creating a seamless shopping experience in stores, on the Web, and on mobile devices is a top priority for retailers.

New book addresses how to build a supply chain roadmap

In a follow-up to his popular article in CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly, Hernán David Perez explains how to align supply chains with business strategies.

E-commerce 20 years on

August 11 marked the 20th anniversary of the first online transaction. Much has changed in the ensuing two decades.

"Big data" is a big mystery to many supply chain managers, report says

Managers need help identifying the right kind of data for big data analyses; tactical applications are most common, according to CSCMP's latest Hot Topics report.

Perceptions of countries' cost competitiveness are outdated, report says

Changing labor and production costs are leading companies to rethink their global production strategies, according to the Boston Consulting Group.

Poor visibility still a barrier for manufacturers

KPMG's annual survey finds that a lack of supply chain transparency as well as poor supplier performance remain as challenges for many manufacturers.

Offshoring and reshoring—what's really going on?

A new book from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) examines trends and best practices in reshoring and offshoring.

CSCMP issues research update on India

A new publication in the "Global Perspectives" series looks at the current state and future prospects of India's logistics and supply chain management industry.

Retail backroom: From storage closet to key supply chain node

With the growth of omnichannel retailing and pressure for faster deliveries, leading-edge retailers are reimagining the backroom as mini distribution centers.

Procurement pendulum is swinging back to centralized models, study finds

KPMG International has documented a strong trend toward the adoption of centralized and "center-led" procurement operating models, but cautions that decentralized activities can be beneficial for many companies.

Industrial property business basks in the glow of a virtuous cycle

Solid demand, tight supply, higher prices? What's not to like, if you're on the supply side.

The problem with new products

An annual study from Terra Technology finds that product proliferation is having a negative impact on demand forecasting accuracy.

Pressure for sustainable supply chains grows

An international survey shows that 80 percent of businesses are facing customers' demands that their supply chains be socially responsible.

How to talk to "outsiders" about transportation budgets

A new CSCMP publication offers advice on how to explain transportation budgets to decision makers in other functions.

CSCMP publication looks at the current state of supply chain visibility

The latest issue of CSCMP Explores ... investigates what companies can do to improve visibility in their extended supply chain.

CSCMP Explores... looks at supply chain visibility

A new publication from CSCMP outlines what companies can do to improve performance through increased visibility.

Supply Chain Quarterly's parent company announces staff promotions, new hires

AGiLE Business Media augments staffing to meet demands of its evolving digital strategy.

Where is your supply chain most vulnerable to climate change?

A report from CDP and Accenture identifies suppliers in the United States, Italy, and China as being particularly vulnerable to disruptions from extreme weather events.

Study finds that companies are struggling to handle supply chain complexity

Respondents to a JDA survey expressed interest in sophisticated inventory management strategies but lack the best practices and appropriate technology to effectively implement them.

Manufacturers see promise in the Internet of Things (IoT)

According to IDC Manufacturing Insights, more than half of manufacturing companies are exploring IoT initiatives.

When it comes to the Internet of Things, users believe the hype

Two new studies show that business leaders expect big things from the Internet of Things.

What do supply chain managers think of "big data"?

A new study from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) reveals global managerial perceptions of the increasingly popular approach to data analysis.

"State of Logistics Report": U.S. business logistics costs hit $1.45 trillion in 2014, up 3.1 percent from 2013

Logistics costs accounted for 8.3 percent of U.S. GDP last year, according to the annual report issued by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).

Top 25 supply chains + 2?

The analyst firm Gartner has added a new "Masters" category to its annual Supply Chain Top 25 list.

Five technologies that will transform procurement

A research report from Accenture says that "digital disruptors" will change how the procurement function is organized.

How do you get the greatest benefits from innovation?

The latest issue of CSCMP Explores... uncovers lessons from past winners of its Supply Chain Innovation Award.

Robert Martichenko to receive CSCMP's Distinguished Service Award

CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group recognized for contributions to the supply chain profession.

To fulfill increasing customer demands, go small

A "micrologistics" approach will allow companies to fulfill the needs of omnichannel retailing and customers' desire for next-day delivery, says a report from IDC.

A leap forward in 3-D printing?

A new technology might finally make additive manufacturing faster and cheaper.

CSCMP Hot Topics… explores supply chain innovation

Find out why some supply chain innovators are more successful than others in sustaining and building on their innovations over time.

Interest in nearshoring remains strong, but trend may be slowing

Many executives are attracted to the potential cost savings of moving production closer to the end market. But concerns about safety, security, and the availability of skilled labor in these locations are giving some pause.

Most manufacturers are using the Internet of Things to improve operations

Despite cost concerns, a vast majority of manufacturers are investing in the technology required to create a network of connected objects and devices, according to the results of a Zebra Technologies survey.

Digital technology in the supply chain: Still in its infancy

Even companies with strong connections to complex technology, such as aerospace and defense, are still in the initial stages of implementing analytics, wearables, and the industrial Internet of Things, according to a report by Accenture.

Evaluating the strength and potential of logistics clusters

A new paper from Prologis determines whether an area's logistics strength is based on its role in overall global trade or because it is simply serving local consumers' needs.

Regionalized supply chains are on the rise

Trends in the engineering and manufacturing sector, such as growing demand from emerging markets and an increase in product customization, are requiring companies to change how they organize their supply chains, says a DHL report.

Starbucks chairman and CEO pays tribute to supply chain management in CSCMP first-day remarks

Schultz says supply chain needs to be at the top of the corporate checklist.

Amazon launches mobile app to hire part-time couriers

"Amazon Flex" rolls out in Seattle to support one-hour deliveries.

Amazon helps ALAN raise $75,000 in matching funds

Company kicks in $25,000, announces match that raises another $50,000.

Unilever honored with Salzberg Medallion

British-Dutch corporation earns award for its supply chain sustainability practices.

UPS tests electric bikes for urban deliveries

European pilot uses bicycles boosted by electric motors to navigate narrow streets.

Ikea assembles zero-emissions drayage plan

Swedish retailer will use nonpolluting electric vehicles to move containers at the Port of Los Angeles.

Llamasoft acquires supply chain software division from Barloworld

Michigan firm adds Cast and Optimiza platforms to suite of supply chain design applications.

Logistics leaders bullish on 2016 spending plans

Respondents to DC Velocity's Annual Outlook Survey see smooth sailing for business conditions, material handling spending, and technology investment.

Building resilience into the supply chain: interview with Yossi Sheffi

In his new book, The Power of Resilience, MIT professor Yossi Sheffi looks at how businesses can anticipate, prepare for, and respond to disruptive events.

Retailers turn to 3PLs for help in home delivery

Survey shows consumers expect free, fast shipping.

The evolution of procurement: From "backwater" to driving force

A prize-winning new book presents a tantalizing view of the future of procurement.

MIT Logistics Center adds China to its global innovation network

MIT to collaborate with government of Ningbo, China, to create the Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China.

Businesses still struggle to improve 3PL relationships despite increasing demand for outsourced services, study finds

A University of Tennessee report identifies three common complaints in outsourced logistics.

Worldwide spending on robotics to reach more than $135 billion in three years

Robotics spending in process manufacturing and health care are each forecast to nearly double by 2019, says a new report from IDC.

Reverse logistics could spark surge in warehouse, DC demand, CBRE report says

Space will be needed to support returns that current facilities can't handle, firm says.

Increase in warehouse, DC labor costs has ripple effect on rental rates, CBRE study finds

A dollar-an-hour wage increase is equal to a 37-percent jump in industrial rents, says a recent study.

CPOs lack faith in their staff, survey finds

A Deloitte survey of chief procurement officers found that the majority of CPOs are not confident in their teams' ability to deliver on their procurement strategy. Many are relying on technology to fill the gap.

Cisco opens Houston innovation center to develop new supply chain technology

Company may market solutions to outside firms, executive says.

With e-commerce returns on the upswing, pressure may build on DC demand

Can businesses optimize their existing networks, or will they need to go outside for their requirements?

Persistently high inventory levels make things tough for retailers, truckers

January's inventory-to-sales ratio nears seven-year high, dampening demand for orders, trucking services.

Industrial recession? Yes and no.

Industrial production weakness in the United States has led to increased talk of a recession, but a deeper examination shows that this weakness is highly concentrated in energy and globally exposed sectors.

Intermodal congestion problems must be tackled holistically, FMC commissioner says

Dye says solutions must go beyond individual carriers and ports and must come from industry, not feds.

So you think Amazon rules the world? New report says you ain't seen nothing yet.

A new report says Amazon is prepared to force out other intermediaries that stand between the producer and the consumer.

Partner-in-Chief: interview with R. Gil Kerlikowske

R. Gil Kerlikowske spent four decades in law enforcement. As head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, he's added trade compliance and facilitation to his portfolio and has made building stronger relationships with the trade community a priority.

Supply chain community remembers influential educator and thought leader Thomas Speh

Speh passed away this April after 40-plus years of service to the field.

Gartner Announces Winners of the 2016 Supply Chainnovators Awards

Supply Chain Innovation Recognized in Healthcare, High-Tech Manufacturing, and Consumer/Retail Sectors

Global air freight remains saddled by overcapacity, IATA April data show

The International Air Transport Association found that year-over-year tonnage space has more than doubled.

Wages for warehouse labor to continue to climb—along with all else in the DC

Hourly workers' wages must climb $2 to be competitive, staffing firm says; owners brace for higher costs, and higher demand.

Citigroup, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and others receive national awards for minority supplier development

The National Minority Supplier Development Council recently recognized both individuals and corporations for their leadership in supplier diversity.

Levi Strauss' "wonderful world" of RFID

The standards organization GS1 US has honored the clothing company's pioneering efforts to use auto-identification technology to improve inventory control and accuracy.

Warehouses are improving efficiencies with "Internet of Things," AT&T executive says

To justify the cost of expensive sensors and data networks, companies will need to understand where the data will provide a strong return on investment, the IOT expert said.

E-commerce and the warehouse of tomorrow

How are rapidly changing fulfillment requirements affecting warehouse operations? According to a recent survey, they're triggering widespread changes in everything from facility footprints to long-standing value-chain partnerships.

"State of Logistics Report" says end of cheap inventory financing will create supply chain challenges

Inventory carrying costs in 2015 rose 5.1 percent over the year-earlier period, according to the report.

Brexit to boost U.S. exports to Asia, depress activity to Britain and Europe, economist says

Ratajczak says Fed to remain on hold until dollar's appreciation slows.

As Europe and the rest of the world reel from Britain's vote to leave EU, concern turns to "Nexit"

In the wake of the stunning outcome, transportation and logistics providers pledge continuity.

Global awards program honors companies with innovative supply chains

SCM World is now seeking nominations for its annual Power of the Profession Awards, which recognize "breakthrough" supply chain initiatives and talent development programs.

While overall U.S. job growth weakens, demand for supply chain managers remains strong

While overall U.S. job growth weakens, demand for supply chain managers remains strong

Index identifies potential supply chain risk in 130 countries and territories

The FM Global Country Resilience Index can help companies design supply chains that are less vulnerable to disruption.

Tech companies should do more to eliminate slavery, forced labor in their supply chains, report says

The watchdog group KnowTheChain says that information and communications technology companies have made public commitments to reduce their suppliers' use of forced labor, yet few have taken concrete action.

IoT adoption rates continue to rise, survey shows

Eyefortransport research finds the majority of respondents are using Internet of Things technology to gather location information to improve customer service.

Public-private partnerships are essential to improving humanitarian supply chains

A recent paper from the World Food Programme says that NGOs, governments, and the private sector need to form collaborative partnerships to prepare for and respond to humanitarian crises.

"Uber for Trucking" name not an asset for companies, report contends

"Digital freight matching" services need to go well beyond that, says a report from Armstrong & Associates.

CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly recognized by American Society of Business Publication Editors

Editor Toby Gooley receives regional bronze award in the Editorial/Editor's Letter category from the U.S. organization for business press editors.

Customs officials discuss progress on trade enforcement, security, and facilitation in Boston

ACS "shut-off," staffing shortages, cooperation with Mexico, and North American version of the Single Window are among many topics under discussion.

Supply chain profile: Daniel Myers

A veteran exec answers seven questions about lessons learned from his career at Mondelēz and changes in the profession.

Blackstone's investment in JDA sends a "no sale" signal to Honeywell and any other suitors

An infusion of $570 million will likely keep JDA under current parent company New Mountain's umbrella.

Does supply chain have a mobile problem?

A recent survey finds that mobile apps and websites fall short of meeting the needs of most supply chain decision makers.

3PLs still struggle with an IT image problem

While third-party logistics providers continue to invest in advanced technology, customers still do not see them as innovators, according to a recent survey.

Modeling the impact of Brexit on the supply chain

Companies are facing a lot of uncertainty as they wait to see how the U.K.'s vote to exit the European Union will affect trade agreements. Scenario planning, however, can help them better prepare for all possibilities.

CSCMP Annual Conference emphasizes the power of connection and collaboration

Opening session speakers challenge attendees to work together to solve some of society's "hardest problems."

Second day of CSCMP conference addresses disruption

Seth Bodnar of GE Transportation highlights how the software revolution is meeting the industrial revolution in smart products and machines.

Cost to retrieve Hanjin cargo will hit importers hard

Even as they bear the additional costs of rescuing their stranded goods, shippers will still have to pay the original freight bill.

U.S. industrial property market to extend roll deep into 2018, firm says

JLL says demand for e-commerce fulfillment is just getting started.

Survey: online shoppers demand visibility as well as speed in delivery

More than 45 percent of shoppers have abandoned a retailer because of poor order transparency, 3PL says.

How supply chain organizations can help with Hurricane Matthew relief efforts

The American Logistics Aid Network is coordinating donations of warehouse space and transportation equipment and services in United States as well as Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba.

Five strategies that make procurement more efficient and effective

By embracing technology and focusing on internal customers, world-class procurement organizations are able to reduce their operating costs and headcount, says a Hackett Group study.

Report: Hot growth in emerging markets could stall with traffic jams

Developing countries are slow to develop road networks capable of meeting rising demand for freight movement, says research firm.

Canadian retailers say keys to success are exports and omnichannel

An eBay survey shows that small and medium-sized businesses see challenges in low margins, tough competition, and currency exchange rates.

Online shoppers show strong preference for specific parcel carriers

Study shows e-commerce consumers are loyal to UPS, USPS, and FedEx... in that order.

Demand management needs to incorporate more than just planning and fulfillment, says Gartner

To improve how they respond to and manage demand, companies must make sure that their forecasting, demand sensing and shaping, planning, and fulfillment capabilities are coordinated, according to a report from the analyst group.

SCM World announces its award finalists

The consulting and analyst group created the awards to recognize supply chains that generated improvements for both their organizations and the larger world.

Early holiday shoppers have highest expectations for order fulfillment

Early holiday shoppers have higher expectations for swift delivery than their more leisurely neighbors, a survey shows.

Panel: Key to Internet of Things is handling data overload

Zebra expands tools for analyzing flood of sensor data.

Industrial property market to continue multiyear roll in '17, JLL forecasts

Low interest rates, e-commerce demand to fuel growth, firm says.

Air cargo IT improvements translate into increased trade activity, study finds

IATA-commissioned report seen as first to quantify link between better IT connectivity, trade growth.

Survey: Shoppers have rising standards for e-commerce delivery

One-third of consumers will abandon a retailer for shipping a single wrong item.

How to anticipate consumer needs through complete, accurate, and consistent product information

If companies do not tailor their supply chain data management operations to meet the needs of omnichannel consumers, they risk losing sales.

Cold chain monitoring market to reach US $6.23 billion by 2022

A market research report predicts that increased regulation of the food and pharmaceuticals industries could double the value of the cold chain market from its 2015 level.

Ann Drake takes to the airwaves

In a recent interview on the radio show "Marketplace," the DSC Logistics chairman and CEO talked about how more women can become business leaders and move up the corporate ladder.

Dutch team pushes blockchain technology for logistics data

This US$2.3 million initiative would use the security protocol to protect supply chain records.

U.S. industrial property demand to stay strong in '17, CBRE forecasts

A logistics and real estate firm forecasts that e-commerce will fuel another surge in demand.

New e-book identifies five stages of supply chain design maturity

The software company Llamasoft has published a guide to making better decisions about supply chain design.

Luxembourg supply chain center appoints new director

Professor Benny Mantin will serve as director of the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a joint partnership between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Luxembourg government.

GE opens wallet to boost 3-D printing

The company now offers financing for businesses buying additive manufacturing machines.

Toyota names winners of grants to study supply chain tech

The lift truck vendor selected projects on location-based data on forklift drivers, changing material handling system requirements, and Internet of Things.

New government report highlights best practices for improving U.S. port productivity

The U.S. Commerce Department has compiled suggestions for improving port operations, reducing disruptions, and improving competitiveness.

Holiday returns volumes reach new high, UPS says

The surge in e-commerce returns has pushed retailers and carriers to cut reverse logistics costs.

Now more than ever, manufacturing needs to guard against cybersecurity threats

A report from Deloitte and MAPI argues that the fast pace of technology implementation is making manufacturing particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Mobile robot tracks inventory on store shelves

Data from Simbe's "Tally" robot could improve supply chain visibility for retailers and distribution centers.

Next-generation visibility: What will it take to get there?

Collaborative technology partnerships will play an important role in achieving greater supply chain visibility in the future.

Global transport will find it hard to cut carbon emissions, report finds

Transportation carbon levels won't show improvement by 2050 without drastic changes, according to the International Transport Forum.

University of Michigan revamps SCM program, debuts Supply Chain Consulting Studio

The Master's in Supply Chain Management program now places greater emphasis on data analytics and leadership skills.

Hot growth predicted for cross-border e-commerce

A new DHL report predicts cross-border online retail will grow at twice the rate of domestic e-commerce through 2020.

Report: global trade patterns impacted by e-commerce growth

In a recent survey, shippers named cybersecurity and changing trade regulations as their biggest e-commerce concerns.

WTO ratifies trade facilitation pact; move seen as major boost to goods movement

Agreement is expected to have a greater impact than eliminating all existing tariffs, WTO director-general says.

Honolulu, Dublin to pace growth in global industrial rents through 2019, report says

Industrial rents are expected to grow above trend worldwide in next three years, according to real estate services company CBRE.

Survey: hospitals call for supply chain improvements

Automation and analytics could deliver patient safety, avoid inventory outage, save healthcare workers' time.

Retailers turn to technology, policy changes to help contain omnichannel fulfillment costs

As the cost of fulfilling online orders rises, retailers are rethinking service guarantees, delivery charges, and technology investments, according to a survey of retail executives from JDA Software and PwC.

Warehousing and logistics robot shipments climb fast

A study forecasts the market will reach 620,000 units annually by 2021, up from 40,000 in 2016.

Manufacturing jobs may indeed be coming "home," but who will do them?

A new AlixPartners report says that while more manufacturers are considering "nearshoring," they are also stymied by a shortage of skilled labor. Robots may well offer a solution.

Survey: retailers drive demand for Internet of Things

Zebra study shows retailers seek technologies to let them fulfill online orders from store shelves.

How Hilti helps logistics professionals gain more visibility

The European construction-products company has created an award-winning career development plan that enables its logistics employees to play a more entrepreneurial role and demonstrate the value they add companywide.

HighJump names four supply chain trends for 2017

Digital transformation strategies should include consumer-grade user interfaces, data analytics, unified commerce, and automated computing. says the software company.

Small and mid-sized manufacturers are behind on supply chain management, according to Grant Thornton

A recent survey finds that more than a third of respondents have only informal supply chain processes.

Study: warehousing services market to grow at 6 percent CAGR

Warehousing service providers are planning for growth by deploying technology, alliances, and bundled services.

Lack of internal resources and talent may hinder procurement's digital transformation

A survey by The Hackett Group suggests that procurement organizations are moving forward with major technology implementations without having the needed skills and internal resources.

Digital logistics market set for 8.1 percent compound annual growth through 2022

Advanced technologies and communication tools improve supply chain efficiency, a new report says.

Panel of supply chain experts preaches "work smarter, more responsibly"

At the opening session for ProMat 2017, executives from UPS, Boeing, and REI discuss how their companies are benefiting from sustainability efforts.

Study finds 10 ways to improve supply chain collaboration

A report from research firm SpendEdge report says companies need to pick their partners carefully.

J.B. Hunt funds new supply chain innovation center at University of Arkansas

The J.B. Hunt Innovation Center of Excellence will focus on improving supply chain efficiency through technology.

Running a large supply chain without advanced analytics is "increasingly unrealistic," says Gartner Research

For companies to take full advantage of "big data," they will need to move beyond the analytic or business intelligence tools embedded in traditional supply chain software.

U.S.-Mexico trade relations to survive Trump's anti-trade rhetoric, Mexican official says

The U.S. House's "Border Adjustment Tax" proposal is cause for concern and could affect NAFTA, according to an embassy trade official.

U.S. industrial market soars in first quarter with high absorptions, low vacancies, report says

The vacancy rate hit 5.3 percent in the first quarter of 2017, putting it 300 basis points below the 10-year average, Cushman & Wakefield says.

How to plan for future supply chain leadership

With the "baby boomer" generation retiring and demand for supply chain skills outpacing supply, companies without a well-considered succession plan risk being left without leaders for crucial supply chain roles.

DeBiase, French to receive AWESOME Legendary Leadership Awards

Fourth annual awards recognize successful supply chain executives who have addressed women's career challenges and supported the advancement of women's supply chain leadership.

Consumer goods companies hone technology solutions

Grocers are finding new supply chain efficiencies with the latest technology, but the solutions aren't always perfect out of the box.

Food retailers name three ways to cut "unsaleable" goods out of supply chain

Trading Partner Alliance (TPA) and CHEP encourage wider sharing of UPC-level data and better management of shelf life and discontinued items.

Where do you stand with Big Data Analytics? Take our brief survey!

Be among the first 100 respondents to tell us how you're using Big Data Analytics in your supply chain and you'll be entered in a drawing for one of two $100 iTunes gift cards.

North American robotics orders jump 32 percent in first quarter

Growth is driven as Amazon and GM invest in automation, the industry's trade group says.

SCM World is accepting entries for its Power of the Profession Awards

The awards will recognize supply chain initiatives that have not only delivered value to customers and shareholders but also had an impact on diversity, employee engagement, or critical world issues.

Sea container imports seen growing through summer, fall, report says

First-half TEU volumes are forecast to be up 5.6 percent, an NRF-Hackett report says.

Study shows growth in digital linkages between customers and suppliers

Nearly a third of companies surveyed say their trading partners are more prepared for automated data exchange than they are.

Air cargo and global value chains: Made for each other

World trade's backbone is ideally suited for air, which gives hope that the mode's future will be brighter than its recent past.

Freight tonnage drops 2.5% in April; truck group surprised by size of fall

The American Trucking Associations, which produces the figures, blames the drop on a decline in housing starts.

Personalized medicine: Promise for patients, pressure on the supply chain

Individualized drugs will challenge the pharmaceutical industry's traditional strategies of drug production, storage, and distribution.

Unilever tops Gartner's Supply Chain Top 25 list for second year in a row

The analyst group has also added Amazon to its "masters" category, which recognizes sustained supply chain leadership over the last 10 years.

Gartner analysts urge supply chain executives to "aspire, challenge, and transform"

Opening keynote at Supply Chain Executive Conference suggests strategies for taking advantage of disruptive technologies

RILA and Auburn University release supply chain study

Executives are keeping up with omnichannel demands by turning to business analytics, integrated operations, and monetized capabilities, report finds.

Global air cargo traffic will grow at a rate that's well ahead of earlier forecasts, IATA says

Growth rate of 7.5 percent to outstrip original forecast by 4 percentage points, group says.

Pre-commitments for warehouse, DC space at highest level since 2000, report says

CBRE says 43 percent of space under construction is already spoken for.

Keurig Green Mountain's creative approach to strengthening supplier relationships

The U.S.-based coffee company is drawing on its longstanding commitment to creating positive change in local communities to help it build supplier loyalty.

NASSTRAC honors Mac Donald

Supply Chain Quarterly's editorial group director receives shipper association's President's Award.

Report sheds new light on supposed end of U.S. manufacturing

More jobs were created than lost since 1979, and manufacturing gained 11 percent during various downturns, the report says.

The new supply chain imperative

It's no longer enough for your supply chain to get goods to customers "cheaper, faster, today." It also must further long-term strategic growth.

AI adoption in supply chain is accelerating, but barriers to success abound, analyst says

In a recent conference presentation, Gartner's Noha Tohamy outlined promising supply chain applications for artificial intelligence and discussed potential barriers to adoption.

Annual "State of Logistics Report" shows industry looking in cloudy rear-view mirror

Expenditures dropped in 2016 for the first time in six years; logistics-spending-to-GDP ratio is at its lowest level since 2009.

Long-time supply chain thought leader Art van Bodegraven dies at age 78

A prolific writer and well-known consultant, van Bodegraven had a 55-year career focused on supply chain management and leadership development.

Study calls for digitization of maritime shipping data

The ocean supply chain incurs expensive inefficiency due to poor data sharing in five key areas, a survey shows.

E-commerce growth drives DC demand in smaller U.S. markets

Warehouse rental rates in "secondary" markets like Denver, Detroit, and Portland now exceed prerecession levels, CBRE says.

The dangers of focusing only on the supply chain's last mile

In a world where companies are under increasing pressure to tighten product time-to-market, improving efficiency at every stage of the supply chain is a must.

U.S. economy can push 3-percent growth next year if retailers cut stores, economist says

Ratajczak also says oil won't exceed $70 a barrel for next three years.

Supply chain management software market expected to exceed US$13 billion in 2017

Gartner forecasts 11 percent increase over 2016; growth in software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments could take the market to US$19 billion by 2021.

Transport, logistics CEOs slow on mobile-device uptake, survey shows

Seventy percent of transportation and logistics CEOs fail to grasp the importance of rugged handheld devices, SOTI survey finds.

Artificial intelligence platform uses natural language, image recognition

Infor's Coleman AI platform, named for pioneering mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson, lets users develop a "conversational interface" for supply chain analysis and decision making.

New report touts benefits of using group purchasing organizations for health-care supplies

Research commissioned by the Healthcare Supply Chain Association says health-care GPOs typically save members up to 18 percent on supplies while also creating a more competitive marketplace.

Industrial truck industry contributes $25.7 billion to U.S. economy, report says

The industry supports around 210,000 U.S. jobs, the report adds.

Robots will collaborate with warehouse workers, not replace them, vendors say

Designers are looking to simplify robot operations by adding video-game-based interfaces.

Commentary: Creating a baseline for big data in the supply chain

A new survey will look at what return on investment companies are seeing from implementing big data analytics in their supply chains.

Arizona State University researchers take aim at reducing food waste in the supply chain

Grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will fund research on the potential for online marketplaces and mobile apps and improvements in scan-based trading to reduce food waste.

With exports on the rise, U.S. chemical companies must break through supply chain barriers

Infrastructure choke points and organizational silos could disrupt chemical producers' efforts to sell overseas. Here are three ways they can overcome those challenges.

What "America First" could mean for your supply chain

A recent report from PwC asserts that the Trump administration's trade agenda represents a dramatic shift from the past and recommends that companies prepare by getting better visibility into where their parts and supplies are coming from.

Survey: manufacturers seek "smart factories"

The Internet of Things could provide widespread visibility and improved quality by 2022, Zebra says.

Study: Shipments of asset tracking devices could triple by 2022

Improved technology produces better sensors for Internet of Things.

Beyond recycling: To form a truly "circular supply chain," companies need to go to the next level

A report from the consulting firm Accenture says that not enough companies are fully exploring opportunities to reuse, refurbish, remanufacture, or extend the life of their products.

U.S. sea container imports on record pace for 2017

The rise in seagoing import traffic will make August the busiest month on record, according to the most recent "Global Port Tracker" report.

Want a world-class procurement organization? Start with digital technology, research report says

Companies that are looking to slash procurement costs should design their processes around new technologies such as predictive analytics, social media, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence, according to The Hackett Group.

Five corporations pledge to change their supplier codes of conduct to fight forced labor in their supply chains

Ford, GM, Hormel, Marriott, and Michael Kors have all committed to prohibiting suppliers from using unethical labor brokers.

The impact of Brexit: Three key logistics concerns

The United Kingdom's upcoming exit from the European Union could severely disrupt the island nation's logistics industry by raising fuel prices, exacerbating driver shortages, and impeding border crossings.

The game's afoot! New supply chain game teaches the importance of collaboration

The "Supply Chain Insights Impact!" game, developed by Supply Chain Insights and Llamasoft, simulates the sales and operations planning process.

U.S. logistics organizations rush to respond to Hurricane Harvey

American Logistics Aid Network calls on logistics community to make donations that do not tax supply chain capacity.

American Logistics Aid Network lays groundwork for long-term recovery efforts from Harvey

A network of warehouse and distribution centers is expected to spring up around the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Harvey moves on, leaving U.S. transportation network with formidable challenges

Trucking operations to resume out of balance, with many truckload carriers, drivers chasing high-margin "FEMA Freight." LTL carriers may see major cost hit.

Commentary: Five ways to ramp up supply chain sustainability

Taking the time to model and analyze both the supply chain costs and environmental impacts of key supply chain decisions can help you be both profitable and sustainable.

Blockchain and chatbots will likely have a big impact on supply chain operations in the next year or two, survey finds

The percentage of supply chain organizations investigating the use of blockchain technology and chatbots is up significantly in 2017, says a recent eyefortransport report.

Commentary: Why liquidation is worth worrying about

Traditionally, retailers have considered the benefits of liquidating unwanted merchandise to be too small to warrant much attention. But there are ways to go about it that can make a significant impact on the bottom line.

Thailand 4.0

It may be a mid-tier economy right now, but Thailand is aiming for the big leagues. To make that happen, it's embarking on an ambitious growth plan that includes $50 billion in infrastructure spending.

National Science Foundation awards grant to study multi-echelon inventory optimization

University of Arkansas research seeks to develop software to quickly suggest optimal inventory levels for all nodes in the supply chain.

A "well-crafted digital transformation strategy" is key to fighting increasing supply chain complexity, report says

Technology consulting firm PointSource recommends investing in digital technologies that support business strategies and goals.

The mall is dead! Long live the mall!

Will Amazon's lease of Cleveland's defunct Randall Park Mall kick start interest in converting the retail icons to industrial use?

Blockchain consortium sees bright future in supply chain

Trusted IoT Alliance members Bosch, Cisco, and Gemalto will collaborate on open source development.

How McCormick & Company transformed its procurement organization

Employee involvement was among five key success factors when the spice and flavorings company switched from a decentralized to a global model.

XPO Logistics identifies four top technology priorities

Transportation firm details where it's likely to spend its $425 million annual technology budget

Opening session of CSCMP emphasizes the power of storytelling and saying "yes"

Keynote speaker Matthew Luhn and Distinguished Service Award winner Nancy Nix urged attendees to embrace opportunities to learn new skills that may be outside their comfort zone.

Amazon's customer-centric focus drives its innovation

Building customer loyalty and trust are front and center in Amazon's mission to continuously innovate every step in its supply chain.

For truckload carriers and their customers, the moment of truth has arrived

Sustained pickup in freight demand will push tight truck supply over the edge, driving up rates, experts say.

Bezos, Laurer inducted into Supply Chain Hall of Fame

Amazon founder and the inventor of the UPC bar code are recognized for influencing supply chain practices.

There must be (almost) 50 ways to reduce your unsaleables

A panel discussion at the CSCMP EDGE 2017 conference addressed how consumer goods companies can reduce product damage and expiration.

Academics discuss ways to bridge the talent gap

Business school deans talk about ways companies and academics can collaborate to bring qualified professionals into the supply chain management profession.

Data trumps human biases in making business decisions, CSCMP EDGE panel says

Speakers offer recommendations for gaining benefits from supply chain applications of artificial intelligence

AI, robotics expert says logistics sector needs to push hard for truck platooning

Mary (Missy) Cummings of Duke University advocates for driverless trucks, outlines limitations of artificial intelligence.

Digitization will boost supply chain value, executives say

CSCMP EDGE panel says that technology will help improve delivery times to meet strict customer demands.

Trump's Jones Act waiver to aid Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands may not solve near-term problem

Stevedores want cash to move boxes, but many banks aren't open to provide it, says Kathy Fulton of the American Logistics Aid Network.

Disruptive business models require disruptive supply chain strategies

Nike, Blue Apron, and Peloton executives discussed how they are adapting their supply chains for their direct-to-consumer business models at the CSCMP EDGE Annual Conference.

GE enrolls 35 employees in MIT supply chain course

Students in GE's anagement leadership students will attend mix of online and in-person courses.

Twin hurricanes may go down as nation's most expensive natural disaster, report says

Harvey, Irma to shave 1.2 percent off Q3 GDP growth; transport services back to normal in Houston.

Will Amazon dominate last-mile delivery? Consensus, right now, is probably not

Industry observers see rumored U.S. testing of the company's "Seller Flex" service as an attempt to stay ahead of surging demand, not as a market-share play.

U.S. import box rates continue fall despite solid U.S. traffic flows

Spot-market data from online quote portal Freightos shows persistent rate declines.

U.S. industrial property rents hit record high in third quarter, JLL says

And foreign investment in U.S. industrial locations has soared since 2010, says a CBRE report.

AWESOME now accepting nominations for annual supply chain leadership award

The AWESOME Legendary Leadership Award recognizes outstanding women in senior supply chain leadership roles.

Commentary: Driving profitability in an express world

The pressure is on to move to faster and faster delivery to the end consumer. Here are a few strategies shippers can adopt to drive profitability in their transportation networks while still providing what their customers really want.

U.S. Customs will devote more attention and resources to technology and e-commerce in 2018, agency's acting head says

Kevin K. McAleenan outlined priorities for the coming year at last week's CONECT conference.

Lights! Camera! Logistics!: interview with Elaine Singleton

Technicolor has been part of the filmgoing fabric for decades. But as Elaine Singleton, the company's vice president of supply chain, explains, there is also a thriving 3PL brand behind the credits.

New industry group looks to create blockchain standards for the freight industry

The Blockchain in Trucking Alliance seeks to bring together companies that have an interest in the deploying the technology to improve efficiencies in freight transportation.

Study: consumers prefer in-store shopping over e-commerce

The convenience of in-stock merchandise trumps greater choice and the customization of online inventory, a JDA survey shows.

Reshuffled ocean carrier alliances have been good for industry—so far, carrier executives contend

New carrier groupings and industry consolidation not detrimental to shippers, but problems remain, according to speakers at Coalition of New England Companies for Trade (CONECT) conference.

Mexican approach to NAFTA renegotiation offers a lesson for the U.S., observers say

Mexico's public-private collaboration ensures that—unlike in this country—government and industry are on the same page when it comes to negotiating positions and priorities, say Mexican trade experts at Coalition of New England Companies for Trade conference.

U.S. Customs plans to update CTPAT best practices, minimum-security requirements, and compliance certification

The director of the cargo security program outlined current and planned updates at the Coalition of New England Companies for Trade's annual cargo symposium.

Study: Reverse logistics still a puzzle for omnichannel retailers

The promise of hassle-free returns may keep customers happy, but a recent survey suggests that omnichannel players are still struggling to find the right balance between cost and service.

Convenience drives buying trends in an omnichannel world

"BOPIS" and "BORIS" options breathe new life into brick-and-mortar stores as buyers seek convenience above all else in today's omnichannel environment.

Average size of U.S. warehouses has doubled since 2002, CBRE report finds

The broom in e-commerce has expanded the girth and height of warehouse over the past decade.

New coalition looks to educate policymakers and public about importance of the global value chain

Members of the U.S. Global Value Chain Coalition include five industry associations plus major retailers such as Target, Levi Strauss, and VF Corp.

Commentary: Let's rein in the blockchain exuberance

It's the hottest IT topic to come down the pike in years. Now if people only knew what to do with it.

JD teams with Walmart, IBM on blockchain research

Chinese delivery giant will use software to track food shipments in China, firm says.

Study: More than half of warehousing organizations to upgrade mobile devices

Many firms choosing Android-based handhelds as Microsoft ends support, VDC finds.

Maloney named editorial director of Supply Chain Quarterly

Current editor, Toby Gooley, to retire on March 1.

Study shows that in-store processing is cheapest option for retailers to handle returns

Managing returns in stores costs less and leads to faster resale than sending returns to a warehouse or 3PL, AlixPartners says.

Sea container imports seen growing 7 percent in 2017, NRF-Hackett report says

Total for 2017 expected to come to 20.1 million TEU, topping last year's record.

IATA says global airfreight on track for best year since 2010

Gains should continue into 2018, group says, citing solid November results.

Toyota announces supply chain research grant recipients

Lift truck maker to fund projects on warehouse automation, electric vehicles, and Industry 4.0.

CBRE: New warehouse construction caught up to hot demand in fourth quarter

Sparse availability of industrial space held steady in Q4 after years of declines, real estate group says.

Amazon enters next phase of logistics build-out with delivery partner program

The initiative aims to create partner relationships that would control the supply of drivers and capacity.

Global trade expansion to slow in first quarter of 2018, DHL forecasts

DHL/Accenture index predicts changes in volume of cross-border trade in air and ocean containers.

Maersk, IBM launch first blockchain joint venture for trade, transportation

The platform, which took 18 months to create, will now be marketed on wide scale, companies say.

Survey: Just 3 percent of retailers have completed digital transformation projects

Companies plan investment in big data and analytics, the internet of things, and machine learning, SAP says.

No help needed. Really.

Retailer set to open chain of fully automated convenience stores in China.

Dutch firm unveils world's first 3-D-printed propeller

"WAAMpeller" breezes through speed trials and crash stop tests.

Global air growth climbed 9 percent in 2017; best year since 2010, IATA says

Capacity rose by just 3 percent, creating rare "factor of three" ratio.

The biggest company you may not know all that much about

China's has a larger fulfillment footprint than Amazon, a broader delivery network than UPS, and it's forcing Alibaba to re-think its model. It may be coming your way—but not yet.

Five ways consumer packaged goods companies can respond to seismic changes in the supply chain

To respond to growth in e-commerce sales and increasing channel fragmentation, CPG companies must increase efficiencies and collaboration while also exploring new technologies, a new report recommends.

BNSF joins blockchain group

First railroad to join Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

Blockchain in Transport Alliance partners with finance trade group

Teaming up with Wall Street Blockchain Alliance will allow BiTA to be logistics industry "help desk," group says.

Sea container imports expected to grow 4.9 percent in first half of 2018, NRF-Hackett report says

2017 imports finish 7.6 percent above previous year, but growth is expected to moderate in 2018.

Walmart modifies OTIF requirements, tests plan to automate delivery appointments

Retailer changes "on-time, in-full" compliance dates, delivery thresholds.

Three supply chain software trends to watch

Look out for more consolidations, analytics, and automation in 2018, says the analyst group Nucleus Research.

Commentary: Wanted: A viable all-water route from Asia to the U.S. Midwest

Despite its potential benefits and easy access to a large consumer market, container shipping on the Mississippi River has not taken off. Entities that stand to benefit the most need to band together, and strong leadership will be required to make it happen.

One answer to China's ban on scrap imports

merQbiz and C.H. Robinson are helping companies navigate big changes in the recycling market.

Kohl's fights back—with its stores

Direct-from-store fulfillment, improved collaboration, and improving the use of data are among key drivers moving retailer forward.

Commentary: How blockchain and IoT can help you track your assets

Tracking asset provenance poses a huge challenge for global supply chains and insurance providers. Using blockchain and Internet of Things technologies in combination offers a solution that could reshape future supply chains.

How high do U.S. driver wages need to go?

Truckload driver wages must hit $75,000 annually to boost supply, executive says.

Commentary: Eliminating the "tunnel vision" approach to supply chain optimization

"Micro-optimization" of individual processes for cost and efficiency produces only isolated benefits. "Macro-optimization" brings widespread improvement to the enterprise as a whole.

Study: Shippers see TMS as customer service tool

ARC says users are finding the software can do more than rate discovery.

Be resilient, or be gone! interview with Aaron Parrott

Resiliency is on the lips of a lot of supply chain practitioners. After a traumatic 2017, it needs to be, says Deloitte's Aaron Parrott.

Commentary: Manufacturing quality reimagined: The hidden power of your data

Manufacturers that only use quality data in a reactive manner at the local plant level are missing out on opportunities to generate large-scale, enterprisewide savings.

Global consortium tests blockchain for international moves, finds huge savings

Participants see big potential in eliminating data exchanges in favor of real-time viewing.

AWESOME announces this year's Legendary Leadership Award winners

The organization for women in the supply chain recognizes executives from the Bloom Energy Corporation and the Panama Canal Authority for advancements they have made in the field.

Procurement: Get ready for an analytics explosion

A new report from The Hackett Group suggests that procurement executives expect to see a widespread adoption of advanced analytics in the next two years.

Should we say goodbye to the demand-driven supply chain?

The CEO of ToolsGroup says that supply chain executives should focus on creating a service-driven supply chain rather than one based on identifying and predicting demand.

DHL report shows strengthening of global trade during second quarter

Gains driven by more positive outlook for U.S., South Korean trade.

Commentary: How LSPs are driving profits through digital transformation

To effectively serve today's complex, fast-moving supply chains, logistics service providers must be able to immediately react to shifts in supply and demand. Multiparty, cloud-based networks that provide a real-time, single version of the truth across the extended supply chain are helping them do that.

Study: 95 percent of wooden pallets are recycled instead of landfilled

Virginia Tech says brokers collect used pallets from DCs for repair, resale, or mulching.

The 7 habits of highly effective supply chain collaborators

A research report from the University of Tennessee identifies seven ways to improve your company's chances of creating value from your supply chain collaboration efforts.

Modex keynote provides a how-to guide to "disrupting yourself"

UPS CIO Juan Perez challenges Modex attendees to create a culture of—and structure for—innovation within their company.

Put your trust in crowd sourcing and big data, McAfee urges keynote crowd

In the "digital future," conventional wisdom is replaced with new playbook for business success, MIT author says.

Capacity crisis (surprise!) hogs the spotlight at TIA annual conference

Public, private networking chatter focus on the rate pain likely to come.

What, me worry about tariffs?

Many international traders are concerned about the possibility of a trade war with China. Their worries may be overstated.

How the maritime industry can compete in the age of Amazon

Port of Long Beach head says ecosystem must adopt "24/7 thinking" and a range of operational improvements to meet businesses' need for speed.

Flood of cross-border e-commerce packages challenges customs authorities to keep up, ensure security

U.S. and other governments are missing trade and product data while struggling to identify security risks for time-sensitive shipments, customs broker says.

Commentary: The threat of counterfeits

Counterfeiting is getting easier and more cost-effective. What are you doing to protect your brand?

Uber Freight seeing rational pricing in brokerage space, unit's head says

Driegert calls market 'very competitive,' says he's satisfied with unit's positioning.

Procurement organizations rush to prepare for a digital future

An annual survey from The Hackett Group found that two-thirds of procurement organizations have a digital strategy in place, up from one-third in 2017.

Commentary: Who does trade protectionism protect? Not U.S. jobs and not the supply chain

While the U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum may provide a short-term boost to American metal manufacturers, in the long term, they may cause increased prices and scare away business.

NASSTRAC announces changes, Expo co-location with CSCMP starting in 2019

NASSTRAC to shift annual spring conference to Washington, D.C., with advocacy focus.

Combilift opens new headquarters and manufacturing facility

The forklift manufacturer's new plant in Monaghan, Ireland, is designed to double production capacity.

Study: Amazon's FBA Onsite program poses a threat to 3PLs

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Onsite may also help firms negotiate lower rates with parcel carriers, Armstrong & Associates says.

Global air growth slows markedly in March; end of restock cycle to blame

Demand slows to pace not seen in nearly two years, IATA says.

JDA says Luminate platform adds visibility to supply chain planning through digital edge technologies

Software as a service (SaaS) approach brings real-time decision making to all points in supply chain, firm says.

XPO puts "differently abled" employees to work

The transportation and logistics giant has launched a pilot program that places people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in warehouse jobs.

Ocean import traffic seen growing through summer despite tariff threats, report says

July and August traffic could set records for single-month activity, NRF-Hackett report finds.

Five suggestions for running a successful supply chain rotational program

Early talent development programs that rotate young professionals into different positions across the supply chain can provide valuable cross-functional skills. But participants do have advice on how to make the experience even better.

FedEx tests blockchain for cargo tracking

Technology is "the next frontier" for supply chain operations, CEO Smith says.

Commentary: Will Amazon suck oxygen out of the driver room?

As the e-tailer eyes partnerships with fleets of three or more trucks, some worry it will reduce the driver pool in the U.S. even more.

Manhattan updates WMS software with warehouse execution module

Enhancement to allow simultaneous waved and waveless processes.

NOAA forecasters predict normal to above-normal 2018 hurricane season

U.S. agency predicts that there will be a less active Atlantic storm season this year compared to last.

International air freight to have tradable futures market

TAC Holdings establishes platform to remedy pricing "inefficiencies."

Transport, warehousing employment gains in the U.S. fueled by warehousing, truck, couriers

U.S. government data shows sector gained 19,000 jobs over April figures.

Jump in dedicated revenues highlights strong 2017 for 3PLs, Armstrong says

Dedicated grows much higher than historical average as shippers seek capacity assurance.

LevaData announces $12 million venture funding for AI tools

Artificial intelligence software can cut supply chain risk and cost, firm says.

Truckers sitting in sweet spot as decade winds down, State of Logistics Report says

Truckers seen taking share from rails as technologies drive down costs, improve service, annual report says; transport, inventory costs climbed well above inflation in '17, it adds.

XPO to build highly automated DC in U.K.

The warehouse will open in 2020 and handle consumer packaged goods for Nestle as well as testing new technologies.

Commentary: When failure is really not an option

You shouldn't have to worry about the hospital supply chain when wheeled into the OR.

Volvo Trucks, FedEx test platooning truck technology

The demo was the first time technology was used on the road in the United States by a major truck manufacturer and a transportation company.

Barcoding Inc. partners with Samsung on consumer electronics

Deal will bring more tablets and smartphones to supply chain operations, company says.

What can 83 cents an hour buy you? A UPS-Teamster contract

Proposed 5-year pact raises full-timers' pay by 83 cents an hour per year.

Commentary: Machines are our friends

While many workers fear losing their jobs to automation, those fears—at least in the supply chain—are largely unfounded.

Daimler enlists Penske and NFI in electric truck trials

Partners will share data about truck design and performance ahead of full production launch in 2021.

JDA acquires artificial intelligence firm Blue Yonder

The deal will add pricing optimization and forecasting replenishment to supply chain software suite, JDA says.

Sea container imports expected to set record in July

Strong consumer spending delays impact of tariffs on Chinese imports, NRF-Hackett report says.

Ports of Los Angeles and Antwerp host innovation competition

Annual "hackathon" will award prizes for technology solutions to port and maritime challenges.

Genpact acquires Barkawi in merger of consulting firms

Supply chain management services will focus on consumer packaged goods, industrial manufacturing, and high-tech sectors, Genpact says.

GE goes 3-D

General Electric donates three-dimensional printers to schools to help promote additive manufacturing.

Multicolored bar codes could store three times the data as black and white

JAB-Code patterns will likely see applications in government ID documents before logistics, AIM says.

Did you say $5.15 a mile?

That's right. A mid-July haul from Spokane, Washington, to Key West, Florida, fetched that princely sum. That didn't include a fuel surcharge equal to 22 percent of the rate.

Millennials: No difference in trust, value between parcel delivery firms

Survey of age group finds that trusting a provider not to lose a package is key factor in carrier selection.

Uber shelves autonomous truck program to focus on driverless cars

No current need to invest in autonomous truck technology, company says.

MOL plots course for autonomous ships

Research looks at ways to improve fleet navigation and safety.

Auto-id industry association to study blockchain potential

AIM forms blockchain council to look at opportunities to use blockchain applications with technologies such as the Internet of Things and RFID.

Uber poised to double investment in freight unit after making it independent

Otto founder returns to run new standalone business. Move underscores Uber CEO's bullishness on model, company says.

Maersk and IBM say 94 groups have signed on to blockchain platform

Partners say "TradeLens" will help users share information among shippers, carriers, and other supply chain partners.

Curse of the Internet: E-commerce creates new challenges for customs

Agencies are struggling to process a surging tide of time-sensitive e-commerce shipments while keeping tabs on security and regulatory compliance.

Survey: logistics and transportation providers optimistic about fourth quarter economics

Revenue and profitability expected to rise, but concerns linger about workforce shortages, regulatory issues, and trade tariffs, TCompanies finds.

U.S. ports want tariff exemption on purchases of Chinese-built cranes

AAPA also seeks exemptions on other types of container-handling equipment.

Report: logistics careers posted top-ten pay raise in 2017

Median salary for logisticians jumped 21.7 percent to $63,960, says.

Maersk to offer trans-Pacific eastbound capacity on NYSHEX futures exchange

Program aimed at giving shippers more space options during peak shipping cycle.

Descartes buys PinPoint in move to capture more real-time vehicle data as Canada plans ELD mandate

$11.5 million price tag could reach $13.8 million if firm reaches revenue targets, Descartes says.

ALAN seeks logistics donations as storm threatens Hawaii

Website offers updates on progress and impact of Hurricane Lane, American Logistics Aid Network says.

DHL unit tests program to manage returns of cross-border e-commerce

Pilot underway in U.S.-U.K., U.S.-Australia lanes.

More money expected in warehouse labor's holiday stockings, staffing firm survey finds

Employers may pay holiday premiums as high as $2 an hour to get, keep warehouse talent, EmployBridge finds.

Tesla Motors tours electric semi truck to customer sites

California prototype visits Ruan Transport Corp. in Iowa as clients await production launch in 2019.

Survey: investments in telematics outpace use of data

Many fleets use tech for regulatory compliance, but fail to analyze the metrics, says Teletrac Navman.

Commentary: Higher and hirer

The opioid crisis is challenging companies looking for temporary workers. Here are some tips to manage hiring during the holiday surge.

Penn State tops list of best schools for supply chain management

Gartner study also finds industry paychecks on the rise with average starting salary for an MBA with a supply chain concentration at US$88,935.

Truck, rail share of U.S. tonnage to fall over next 11 years, ATA says

Pipeline to take larger share of growing volume pie, group's freight forecast says.

ALAN plans response as Hurricane Florence nears east coast

Storm could start dumping rain by Thursday, as two more storms brew in Atlantic.

Hurricane Florence threatens to swamp Carolinas by Thursday

CSX, Kion, and others brace for impact and prepare logistics recovery plans as storm brews.

How to prepare your supply chain for a hurricane

New report from DHL offers tips for "battening down the hatches" when your supply chain is threatened by a major storm.

Ball State University names logistics center for alum who went on to lead UPS

Indiana school unveils $1.2 million Kent C. "Oz" Nelson Logistics and Supply Chain Management Center.

Small trials can lead to big results with blockchain and AI, panel says

GE and IBM advise launching internal pilots of emerging technologies, Project44 speakers say.

Florence's winds continue to slow, but heavy rain triggers road, track, and port closures.

Carriers warn clients of freight delays, as floods shutter logistics sites.

Diesel to power smaller share of U.S. truck orders by 2040, study says

Battery electric vehicles to gain share as urban trucking grows, technology improves, IHS Markit report says.

Florence flooding keeps Port of Wilmington, NC, closed to trucks until Monday

Planned 14-day closure could squeeze imports of bananas, clementines.

Survey: retailers turning to AI to improve demand management

Artificial intelligence seen as tool for generating more accurate forecasts, Symphony RetailAI says.

Maersk to combine liner, supply chain units into one product

Ocean shipping, Damco operations to operate with single point of contact.

Pacejet Shipping Software and Single Source Systems partner to support logistics platform

Two firms will leverage Infor ERP software, extend life of SyteLine pick, pack, and ship product beyond 2019.

Infor unveils AI-based supply chain visibility platform

Control Center product combines GT Nexus trade data with Coleman artificial intelligence platform to generate "self-orchestrated" decisions.

Infor to offer Coleman AI platform through Amazon Alexa

Digital Assistant product supports conversational interface to offer insights, automate tasks, firm says.

Infor rolls out internet of things analytics platform

Cloud-based product combines IoT sensor data with asset management inputs and applies capabilities from Birst Inc. acquisition.

Last mile? So 2017. Bring on the "last yard!"

The well-known phrase "last mile" in logistics and supply chain management has given way to a new term: last yard.

Nike, Amazon, and IBM place the customer at the center of the supply chain

In the opening session of the Council of Supply Chain Management's EDGE Conference, top executives emphasize how they are designing their supply chains to be "customer obsessed."

Supply chain recruits of the future see high demand for tech skills, panel says

Baby-boomer retirements will further increase workforce demand.

Capacity improvements lie with shippers, consignees, Werner CEO says

Infrastructure-related congestion the biggest challenge to trucking productivity, Leathers says.

Manhattan Associates says TMS holds answers to soaring transportation costs

Options like mobile smartphone app and integration with Freight Rover digital marketplace help reduce the pressure on shippers, firm says.

Retail pioneers forge new paths in global omnichannel, cross-border e-commerce

Ikea and Abercrombie & Fitch follow different paths to success in delicate balancing act of experience and economics

Michael lashes Florida with dangerous winds, closing ports

Many businesses have defenses in place, after witnessing fury of Hurricane Florence and 2017 storms, ALAN says.

Six ways to improve supply chain risk management

CSCMP session offered advice for crafting a strong supply chain risk management program.

How Zipline is using emerging technology to save lives

In the keynote session at the CSCMP EDGE conference, the founder of drone delivery company Zipline shares how the company is using the aerial vehicles to deliver blood to remote areas in Rwanda.

Freight rate spikes shaking up the C-suite

According to a panel of shipper executives at CSCMP's EDGE Conference, this year's trucking rate spike has some U.S. companies looking to private fleet, rail options.

Takeoff Technologies partners with U.S.-based Hispanic grocer to launch robotic supermarket

Sedano's Supermakets will soon be able to fulfill orders with AI robots.

Study: operational costs of trucking climbed 6 percent in 2017

Increase caused by rise in fuel prices, maintenance on more complex vehicles, higher driver wages, ATRI says.

IBM extends blockchain platform for food supply chain

Firm's Food Trust platform to provide product traceability for Carrefour and other subscribers.

Hurricane Michael loads up for a strike on Florida panhandle

Ports of Panama City and Pensacola prepare for wind, rain, floods.

Turnover at large truckload fleets in U.S. hits highest level since 2015

Smaller carriers, LTLs also struggle to retain drivers in tight labor market.

E-commerce, urbanization drive evolution in ground transport sector

DHL research shows 75 percent of companies believe investing in ground transportation will directly support growth.

Study: supply chain management projects to spark jump in IoT investment through 2023

Forrester says inventory tracking and warehouse management will be major use cases in more than one-quarter of $434.9 billion spending forecast.

Economist warns of moderate recession in 2020

Material handling industry likely to be buoyed by continued e-commerce growth, but chance of Chinese recession looms, Schenker says at MHI conference.

Digital megashifts could give supply chain managers "superhuman" productivity, futurist says

Despite potential of tech to streamline business tasks, human traits like compassion can never be replicated, Leonhard tells MHI show.

MIT commits $1 billion to AI education, research, development

Creates Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing to serve as focal point for interdisciplinary approach to studying computing, artificial intelligence and related fields.

GS1 US launches cross-industry blockchain discussion group

GS1 members, experts kick off monthly discussion of how GS1 standards support blockchain use, November 28-29 in Chicago.

Consumers to spend 4 percent more this holiday season, NRF survey shows

Omnichannel buying trends continue, as fifty percent of consumers surveyed say they will buy online and pick up in store.

Freight spending rose by double digits in Q3, buoyed by tight trucking market.

But long-term outlook is stormy, as U.S. economy may slump under weight of trade tariffs, rising interest rates, U.S. Bank report says.

Ceva Logistics acquires CMA CGM's freight management unit as partners deepen ties

Part-owner CMA CGM says deal will accelerate Ceva's debt reorganization and digital transformation.

Trucking's biggest concern: finding drivers

Driver shortage tops list of critical issues facing the North American trucking industry, ATRI report shows.

CBRE: Retailers drawing online shoppers into stores with ship-to-store tactic

Approach avoids expensive last-mile delivery, tempts consumers with extra purchases, report says.

Artificial intelligence will trigger a new reality for logistics

Companies that don't adapt before their peers will get run over by this "technology train," GT Nexus exec tells 3PL conference.

Kroger advances plan to partner with Ocado on e-grocery DCs

U.S. grocer to pick sites for first three facilities within weeks, go live with $113 million project within two years.

Convey says partner program will streamline last-mile delivery

Tech firm adds Flexe, Sedlak, Estes to e-commerce delivery platform.

Geopolitics, technological innovation top global transport industry concerns

Majority of companies surveyed say autonomous trucks will be a "viable option" within the next 10 years, IRU study shows.

Gartner flags 10 strategic tech trends for 2019

Convergence of emerging technologies will create disruption and spawn new business models, firm says.

Future continues to look bright for transportation, logistics industry

Survey shows that logistics and transportation professionals optimistic about the U.S. economy, revenues, and profitability.

ALAN mobilizes logistics response to California wildfires

Hundreds of thousands of residents displaced and dozens killed as fires continue to burn.

Study describes eight best practices for supply chain integration under a single executive

Practice presents unique challenges, Univ. of Tennessee whitepaper says.

Companies report double-digit growth in industrial IoT usage

Industrial firms are getting more sophisticated in their use of IoT for asset management, customer services, IFS survey shows.

Shoppers value communication over convenience in the returns process, study shows

Transparent policies and proactive updates positively influence consumer perception and brand loyalty, according to Narvar study of 1,300 online shoppers.

DHL Adjusts Prices for 2019

Shipment prices to rise an average 5.4 percent for U.S. account holders in January, DHL Express says.

Global trade growth to slow in early 2019, DHL study forecasts

Logistics index tracks impact of political turmoil from U.S. tarrifs, U.K. Brexit.

Collaborative robot milestone reached: 1 million units picked in five days

Robotics firm 6 River Systems says its solution helped 25 warehouses across United States ramp up for Cyber Monday.

DHL to invest $300 million in emerging technologies

Supply chain arm will deploy piece-picking robots, AI, self-driving vehicles in 350 of its 430 North American sites.

KPMG predicts revolution in last-mile logistics

Use of autonomous delivery vehicles will drastically change consumer e-commerce environment by 2040, research study says.

Global AGV market to reach $7.3 billion by 2025

Growing demand for material handling equipment will boost AGV market over next seven years, study shows.

Florida nears opening date for autonomous vehicle test track

$42 million Suntrax site to open in Spring 2019, reach completion in 2021.

FedEx Express taps Subramaniam as new chief

Cunningham to retire Dec. 31 from firm's air and international unit.

Taming peak season: It's all about prevention

Despite everyone's best efforts, late parcel deliveries seem to be a fact of life during the holiday shipping season. But there are some steps shippers can take to boost the odds that their packages will arrive as planned.

Imports break new records under pressure of holiday peak, tariff threats

Container trade could slump in 2019 as political uncertainty boosts prices, dampens consumer sentiment, NRF-Hackett report says.

Logistics Manager's Index shows growth rate slowed in November

Economic conditions cool off for transportation prices, transportation utilization, and inventory costs, LMI reveals.

Executive Insight: Letters to the Editor

Letters and comments from our readers

Q1 update to CSCMP's "State of Logistics Report" shows U.S. economy is strong despite a slight slowdown

Key indices like GDP growth, job creation, household net worth, and consumer confidence are stable or rising, while inflation and gas prices remain low.

CSCMP State of Logistics Report to be released next week

Results from the report will be presented by consulting company A.T. Kearney.

CSCMP chairman's commentary: Supply chains, careers, and the value of what we do

Supply chains—and supply chain managers—make the world a better place, playing an essential (but often unheralded) role in enabling economic success.

CSCMP Spain's Supply Chain Leadership Forum 2016 focuses on customer-driven supply chains

The fourth annual event, to be held May 19 in Barcelona, features internationally renowned speakers from Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

CSCMP's New York City Roundtable to host session on managing security disruptions

How would your supply chain respond to a "dirty bomb" attack? Test your decision-making skills at a May 17 tabletop exercise run by CSCMP's New York City Roundtable and the Metropolitan Resilience Network.

Supply chain conference in Peru will feature world-renowned speakers

CSCMP's Peru Roundtable will co-host presentations and discussion sessions on supply chain practices, education, and data analytics, June 22-23 in Lima.

CSCMP's Mentorship Program fosters cross-generational learning

Applications for the mentorship program are due at the end of June 2016.

Caplice chosen to receive annual Distinguished Service Award from CSCMP

The MIT professor is being recognized for his research as well as for his innovations in supply chain education, particularly through online learning.

CSCMP names nominees for board of directors

Mary Long, vice president of logistics and network planning for Domino's Pizza, will become the 53rd chair. Long currently holds the position of chair-elect.

CSCMP recognizes three young supply chain professionals as "rising stars"

The organization's Emerging Leader Award honors outstanding supply chain and logistics management professionals under the age of 30.

New CSCMP publication explains "blockchain" technology

The latest issue of CSCMP Hot Topics provides examples of how companies can use blockchains in their supply chain.

CSCMP Annual Conference to provide fresh look at supply chain issues

The conference will offer over 90 educational sessions and more than 25 hours of networking events.

CSCMP creates Supply Chain Hall of Fame

Inaugural inductees include J.B. Hunt, Henry Ford, and Malcom McLean.

CSCMP Annual Conference will cover the supply chain from end to end

The three-and-a-half day event offers more than 30 hours of educational sessions.

A message from CSCMP's CEO

This year's annual conference will help supply chain professionals better understand the disruptive forces that are shaking up the industry.

CSCMP announces second year of its global supply chain simulation competition

The Roundtable Global Challenge is designed to provide an interactive education event that encourages cross-generational learning.

China conference explored "supply chain management plus"

The Seventh China Conference in Chengdu organized by CSCMP and CDI addressed key trends shaping the country's role in the global supply chain.

LINCS program provides good, low-cost source of entry-level employees and training

A government grant that provides low-cost supply chain training has been extended for six more months.

More than 250 volunteers pitch in at Stop Hunger Now event at CSCMP Annual Conference

The second annual event not only served as a way for supply chain professionals to give back to community, but it also attracted millennials and helped to strengthen ties between business partners.

MercuryGate renews conference partnership with CSCMP

Cloud-based transportation system provider will serve as the premier sponsor of CSCMP's 2017 Annual Conference in Atlanta.

CSCMP renames its annual conference "CSCMP EDGE"

The rebranded annual conference will provide attendees with an edge on the latest supply chain thinking and research.

Tackling the challenge of last-mile delivery

In the latest CSCMP Hot Topics publication, A.T. Kearney analysts predict how companies will respond to the increasing demands and costs associated with e-commerce logistics.

CSCMP EDGE conference announces its lineup of keynote speakers

A writer from Pixar Animation Studio, an artificial intelligence expert, and a war hero will provide advice on leading during times of change.

In their own words: Members tell why CSCMP is important to them

A new video produced by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals features members' thoughts on the personal and professional benefits of membership in the organization.

CSCMP and collaborate on supply chain paper contest

The first-place winner of the annual Call for Papers for Young Professionals will receive a complimentary registration to the CSCMP EDGE conference.

Hunting for qualified interns? Ask CSCMP!

CSCMP's online Career Center has a new feature dedicated to internships.

An AWESOME choice: CSCMP names Nancy Nix as 2017 Distinguished Service Award recipient

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals honors head of women's supply chain association with its highest honor.

Arizona Roundtable wins annual CSCMP supply chain simulation game

Online game teaches participants about risk management through running the supply chain for a simulated company.

CSCMP and TSC Advantage offer cybersecurity resources to protect supply chain

The launch of this new training program comes in the wake of a June cyberattack that disrupted operations at Maersk and FedEx.

CSCMP EDGE conference to offer three facility tours

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to tour the Atlanta Community Food Bank, a Home Depot fulfillment center, and a Kroger distribution center.

CSCMP names 2017 Emerging Leader Award winners

Nathan Chaney of Mainfreight and David Perez of Cushman & Wakefield will be recognized at CSCMP's annual conference for their contributions as young supply chain professionals.

Welcome to a World of Education and Innovation

The very best in professional development ... designed exclusively for you.

CSCMP bestows 2017 awards for excellence

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals honors members' contributions to the discipline.

Get your entry-level employees certified in inventory management

Inventory management is one of eight tracks offered by the SCPro Fundamentals Certification program.

2017 State of Logistics panel discussion now available on CSCMPtv

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' video library also provides a variety of digital courses.

Gattorna to receive CSCMP Distinguished Service Award

A 40-year veteran of the supply chain and logistics profession, Gattorna is best known for his work on dynamic supply chains.

Amazon EU director will present at CSCMP European Conference

Amazon's Sean Olson-Roy leads a strong lineup of sessions on supply chain's latest trends and developments.

CSCMP launches Supply Chain Professionals Day

The annual event is set for the third Monday in May and will include online photo campaign.

Back on the "unchained" gang?

CSCMP looks to reunite "CSCMP Unchained" band at this fall's Edge conference.

Dell, Drucker, Stephenson, Gattorna feted by CSCMP

CSCMP's Hall of Fame inductions took place at association's annual EDGE conference in Nashville.

ALAN honors Alison Thompson with Lifetime Achievement Award; Home Depot, Estes, The Shippers Group also honored

The organization's Humanitarian Logistics Awards recognize supply chain professionals and organizations who demonstrate their commitment to disaster relief efforts.

CSCMP presents 2018 awards for excellence

A recap of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' prestigious awards for excellence.

2018 Supply Chain Innovation Award winner selected

Intel grabs top honors for its artificial intelligence sourcing solution.

ALAN presents Humanitarian Logistics Awards to supporters of disaster relief efforts

The nonprofit organization recognized long-time humanitarian Alison Thompson and five logistics organizations during the CSCMP EDGE Conference.

The age of transparency

CSCMP publication takes a look at how supply chains can become more transparent to meet consumers' evolving needs.
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Commentary: Fritos, aluminum, and unintended consequences
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Supply chain disruptions hit record high
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Global AGV market to reach $7.3 billion by 2025
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Florida nears opening date for autonomous vehicle test track
$42 million Suntrax site to open in Spring 2019, reach completion in 2021.

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FedEx Express taps Subramaniam as new chief
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KPMG predicts revolution in last-mile logistics
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DHL to invest $300 million in emerging technologies
Supply chain arm will deploy piece-picking robots, AI, self-driving vehicles in 350 of its 430 North American sites.

CSCMP Notebook
2019 Supply Chain Hall of Fame nominations are open
Industry professionals have until February 1, 2019 to nominate individuals who have made outstanding contributions to supply chain management.

The age of transparency
CSCMP publication takes a look at how supply chains can become more transparent to meet consumers' evolving needs.

ALAN presents Humanitarian Logistics Awards to supporters of disaster relief efforts
The nonprofit organization recognized long-time humanitarian Alison Thompson and five logistics organizations during the CSCMP EDGE Conference.

2018 Supply Chain Innovation Award winner selected
Intel grabs top honors for its artificial intelligence sourcing solution.

CSCMP presents 2018 awards for excellence
A recap of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' prestigious awards for excellence.