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November 11, 2019

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Is demand planning ready for AI?

Is demand planning ready for AI?

Many companies are excited about the possibility that artificial intelligence could improve the accuracy of their demand plans. However, there are several significant hurdles that they must overcome first.


High-flying bird: interview with Keller Rinaudo

While many question whether drone deliveries will ever happen in the developed world, Keller Rinaudo is already using autonomous aircraft to deliver medical supplies to remote locations in Africa.
Preparing for the fumble

Preparing for the fumble

Just as every team fumbles the ball sometimes, every supply chain gets disrupted at one point or another. The trick is to be prepared beforehand so that you know how to respond. This preparation will not only help you get back up and running faster but may also lead to a competitive advantage.
The top 10 supply chain risks of 2019

The top 10 supply chain risks of 2019

Modern supply chains are more complex and global than ever before. But that also leaves them open to a wider variety of risks and disruptions. Here are ten risks to track for the coming year.
Which emerging technologies will help you meet your supply chain challenges?

Which emerging technologies will help you meet your supply chain challenges?

The number of supply chain technologies keeps proliferating. But which ones should companies invest in now, and which ones are not yet ready for prime time?
The most important supply chain software that you don't know much about

The most important supply chain software that you don't know much about

Distributed order management systems have been around since the 1990s and have proven to be essential for conducting omnichannel fulfillment. But many supply chain managers still do not know the full range of applications that the software can provide.
Monetary Matters

What's the road ahead for trucking?

A study by IHS Markit indicates that trucking will see an increase in demand and a shift toward alternative fuels and new technology.

Farewell, Big K

The demise of my local retailer has me pondering: What went wrong?
Direct Connection

The future of managing inventory flow

With the rise of e-commerce, CSCMP seeks to help companies and supply chain professionals find solutions to their inventory management challenges, especially in urban areas.

What's over the horizon?

Instead of reacting to supply chain risks as they come, organizations should have an integrated anticipatory process.

Can it get any hotter?

Retail remains a white-hot sector in logistics, and it's still heating up.
Forward Thinking

Trade experts counsel measured response to China tariffs

Warning there may be more pain ahead, speakers at an international trade conference offered do's and don'ts for mitigating the impact of higher tariffs on Chinese goods.

Survey finds trade, tariffs still top business concern

Small and mid-sized businesses are expanding their international reach to offset impact of China tariffs, DHL Express report shows.

Digital transformation highlights talent crunch

Procurement organizations must transform and "reskill" existing staff to meet the demands of a digital business services environment, study says.
CSCMP Notebook

How customer experience is driving supply chain innovation

CSCMP's Hot Topic publication explores why innovation and customer experience are key factors for all businesses.
CSCMP Notebook

CSCMP's annual conference is looking toward the future

CSCMP EDGE Conference and Exhibition will be held in Anaheim, California September 15 - 18.
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Acme's Doug Sampson on the value of lifelong learning in a world of constant change
Doug Sampson, senior VP of Acme Distribution Centers Inc., joins us from CSCMP's 2019 annual EDGE Conference to discuss his experiences, how much has changed in the logistics world, and the principles of business success that still hold true today.

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Forward Thinking
Report: Consumers prefer to shop locally
Survey finds that most consumers would bypass Amazon for local retailers if they could get same-day delivery—even if they had to pay for it.

Forward Thinking
MIT engineers develop flexible, 'plant-like' robot
Designed to grow like a plant, the flexible yet sturdy robot can move through tight spaces and lift heavy loads, expanding the role of robotics in industrial settings, researchers say.

Forward Thinking
Businesses ready for peak-season online sales growth
Despite global economic concerns, 70% of businesses expect an increase in e-commerce sales this holiday season, DHL survey shows.

Forward Thinking
Report: RFID tags see steady growth for apparel, payment cards, farm animals
Production forecast to grow from 17.5 billion tags in 2018 to 20 billion in 2019, IDTechEx says.

Forward Thinking
Industry growth continues to slow, LMI report shows
Business activity in the logistics sector slowed to its lowest growth rate in three years last month, according to the latest Logistics Manager's Index report.

Forward Thinking
CPO Survey: Economic, political risks top agenda
Chief procurement officers say they will cut costs to fight slowing economy and trade threats, Deloitte study shows.

Forward Thinking
Report: Speed matters this holiday season
Consumer survey reveals shoppers' need for speed, not just free shipping, as the peak delivery season nears.

Forward Thinking
82% of small businesses say global trade drives economic growth
Participating in international trade helps improve the economy and create American jobs, FedEx survey of U.S. small-businesses shows.

Forward Thinking
Retailers look to 5G, AR for competitive edge in 2020
Nielsen study says smart supply chains need to anticipate consumers' demands.

Forward Thinking
Strong consumer spending staves off recession warnings, U.S. Bank says
Shippers produced "fairly flat" volume of freight shipments and spending in third quarter, report says.

CSCMP Notebook
2019 CSCMP EDGE Conference Report
Here's our roundup of events at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' annual CSCMP EDGE 2019 conference held in September in Anaheim, California.

2019 Supply Chain Innovation Award winner selected
Snap-on Tools and vendor FastFetch were honored for their use of artificial intelligence to slash shipping costs.

CSCMP EDGE keynote speakers to focus on supply chain's role in creating a sustainable business
The annual conference's diverse range of keynote speakers will include the CEO of a direct-to-consumer company, a high-tech guru, millennial entrepreneurs, and an NFL official.

CSCMP recognizes 2019 Emerging Leader Award winners
Unilever's Anahi Arza and CoLane's Parker Holcomb will be recognized at CSCMP's annual EDGE Conference for their meaningful contributions to the supply chain profession.

Johnson & Johnson supply chain executive to receive CSCMP's Distinguished Service Award
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) will recognize Kathy Wengel for her contributions to the field at the annual EDGE Conference in September.