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November 18, 2017
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TIA sees no limit to 3PL sector growth
Robert Voltmann, president and CEO of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), joins us from CSCMP's annual EDGE Conference in Atlanta to discuss the state of the industry, and specifically the role of 3PLs in the market.
Track and trace compliance in food and pharmaceuticals
Bob Kennedy, vice president of business development at DMLogic. He joins us to discuss regulations for tracking and tracing in the pharmaceutical industry and (soon) other industries.
Freight has a perfect storm on its horizon
Mike Regan, co-founder and chief of relationship development for TranzAct Technologies, is one of the leading authoritative voices in logistics and supply chain. He discusses critical issues that will shape the industry's near-term future with DCV.
CSCMP EDGE Conference Day 2 coverage reflections
Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the future of supply chains opened day two of the 2017 CSCMP Conference. SCQ's Toby Gooley, Susan Lacefield, and Diane Rand reflect on the emerging technologies facing supply chain management professionals.
The early career path of an emerging leader
David Perez, director at Cushman & Wakefield and one of this year's two winners of the prestigious CSCMP Emerging Leader Award, joins us to discuss his career path to date and his views on the logistics and supply chain professions.
Taming the Big Data Monster
Dr. Dale Rogers, of Arizona State University, and Dr. Zac Rogers of Colorado State University discuss the findings of their new research on Big Data analytics.
Big Data research shows there is still a long way to go
Richard Sharpe of Competitive Insights and Lisa Harrington of lharrington group discuss the findings of their new research on Big Data analytics, which shows companies have only scratched the surface when it comes to putting data to good use.
ALAN responds to historic hurricane season
Kathy Fulton, Executive Director of ALAN, the American Logistics Aid Network, joins us to discuss ALAN's mission, as well as the group's efforts during the very active 2017 hurricane season.
Corporate membership has its benefits with CSCMP
Burt Blanchard, Director of Business Development for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals discusses the benefits of CSCMP membership, and specifically the benefits of the group's growing corporate membership program.
Supply Chain Quarterly editors discuss CSCMP EDGE Conference Day 1
The CSCMP EDGE Conference offers more than 100 sessions covering top issues and trends facing supply chain managers. Supply Chain Quarterly's editors discuss key takaways from the sessions and offer a glimpse of what's new on the exhibition floor.
Building supply chain sustainability for competitive advantage
ProMat '17 keynote speaker Andrew Winston shares sustainability lessons learned from leaders in innovative facility design.
Omnichannel defined and optimized
Kevin Reader, director of business development for KNAPP Logistics Automation, discusses key trends and developments in the logistics field, particularly the current state of omnichannel retail and fulfillment.
Shrinking the skills gap in logistics
Dr. David DeLong, president of Smart Workforce Strategies, recaps some of his ProMat 2017 keynote presentation on practical solutions for closing critical skills shortages in logistics.
The "Amazonation" of logistics
Mike Regan, co-founder of TranzAct Technologies and an authoritative voice in the logistics profession, offers his take on issues shaping the industry's future, including the technological and operational changes stemming from the growth of Amazon.
Logistics Roadmap 2.0: A fresh look at the future
Gary Forger, formerly the managing director of professional development at MHI and now a consultant to the organization, talks about MHI's U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics and the issues logisticians will face in the future.
Voice on smartphones at Dotcom Distribution
E-commerce fulfillment company Dotcom Distribution uses a mobile work execution system, including voice-directed mobile applications on smartphones. It allows Dotcom to process a large number of orders for many different clients at the same time.
The leading edge
Ostermann's distribution center in Bocholt, Germany recently added sophisticated storage systems to hold all of its products so that it can make certain that carpenters got the right products when they need them.
The right ingredients
Automated storage and retrieval systems are used for storing inventory in distribution centers, but they can also support manufacturing operations. Such is the case with the AS/RS at Feinkost Dittmann, a German supplier of specialty food products.
TIA exec discusses growth in 3PL sector and solutions for trucking industry challenges
Robert Voltmann, president and CEO of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) explains why 3PLs saw a busy year in corporate acquisitions and revenue growth.
A rising supply chain star
CSCMP 2015 Emerging Leader Award winner Ravi Kiran Unnam shares thoughts on career development for young professionals.
How should you manage your supply chain talent?
How should companies find the right people and what should they do to hold onto them? Ted Stank has some answers. He is the chair of excellence in business in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the University of Tennessee.
Working together for a better supply chain
Kevin Smith, CEO of Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting, takes over as the new chair of the Council of Supply Chain Professionals. Hear what his plans are for the organization during the coming year.
Leading academic discusses how business resiliency requirements have changed in the past 10 years
Dr. Yossi Sheffi, a professor at MIT, said that companies have made great strides in improving the resiliency of their business, but that they still have a long way to go, especially in the area of cyber-security.
All about CSCMP's Global Roundtable Challenge
Pam Scheibenreif explains the concept behind CSCMP's new multigenerational competition.
Helping you throughout your entire career
Noreen Ryan, vice president with First Logistics, a third-party logistics provider and CSCMP member, talks about CSCMSP's new online community, the CSCMP Circle of Excellence.
Shipper executive urges more shipper involvement in legislative, regulatory issues
Gail Rutkowski, executive director of shipper group NASSTRAC, said that shippers need to get more actively involved in legislative and regulatory matters that concern their business.
What's next for supply chain technology?
Chris Ricciardi, chief product officer of Logistical Labs, talks about what big changes are lurking on the tech horizon and how to attract the right people to tackle these challenges.
Where are shipping rates heading in 2016?
Shipping rates always vary. How can you protect your company and reduce your shipping costs? These are just a few of the questions that industry analyst Mike Regan, chief of relationship development at TranzAct Technologies, addresses.
From boots to cubicles: one woman's story
Rose Mueller, a former veteran now in the logistics field, describes the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life.
Can supply chains solve a social problem?
Deverl Maserang, executive vice president at Starbucks Corp., talks about the company's effort to hire young adults in urban areas for supply chain careers.
Learn first, then give back
CSCMP 2015 Emerging Leader Award winner Eyual Getahun tells how he plans to apply what he's learned in the future.
3PL, broker executive discusses importance of choosing the right partner to handle U.S.-Mexico traffic
Alex Garza, manager of business development for the Mexico region at 3PL C.H. Robinson, talks about what to look for to determine which brokerage partner will process and clear their shipments quickly and accurately.
Reaching out to a world of need
The American Logistics Aid Network's executive director Kathy Fulton describes the role of the organization and how it has made a difference in the lives of many.
Who are CSCMP's Circle of Excellence Masters?
Martha C. Cooper, professor emeritus of marketing and logistics at The Ohio State University, discusses the Council of Supply Chain Management Professional's new Circle of Excellence program as well as findings from the Women in Logistics survey.
The Logistics of Serving Mexico
Mike Burkhart, director of Mexico for C.H. Robinson, describes how shippers should select a cross-border logistics provider, how to mitigate risk when shipping in Mexico, and why shippers would choose transloading, not direct service, at the border.
Preparing for the future
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals CEO and President Rick Blasgen talks about what his organization is doing to help managers in their current and future roles.
New Era
New Era's DC in Harrisburg, Pa., recently underwent major renovations as demand doubled when the company took on the contract for the NFL. In addition, it had to adjust with new technologies to accommodate the growth in online shopping.
BHFO discovered that being able to respond to customers quickly is a key to success in the fashion game. The company recently moved into a sophisticated facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that features a huge robotic system for fetching fashion.
DCV's 2nd Annual Study on Omni-channel Distribution
Clint Reiser a supply chain analyst at ARC Advisory Group talks about the findings from the 2nd annual survey omni-channel fulfillment conducted by ARC and DC Velocity.
New CSCMP Board Chair renews focus on education
Dr. Ted Stank, a professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the University of Tennessee, begins his tenure as Chairman of the group's Board of Directors.
The Evolution of Omni-Channel Distribution
John A. White III. president of Fortna, discusses the ongoing evolution, and developing best practice sin the implementation of an omni-channel distribution strategy.
The State of Logistics in Q3 2014
Rosalyn Wilson, a widely-recognized expert in transportation economics and supply chain security and author of the Annual State of Logistics Report, published by CSCMP, provides updates on the 2014 logistics market.
Young professional focuses on visibility in the supply chain as key to success
Michelle Zhang of LeanCor is one of this year winners of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Emerging Leader Awards. She talks about her career to date and her thoughts on the criticality of visibility in supply chain success.
The logistics of defending freedom
Steve Geary, is President of Supply Chain Visions and Editor-at-Large at CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly and DC Velocity, where he provides defense industry coverage. He discusses military logistics and weapons systems support.
Sears' supply chain chief on omni-channel's impact on traditional retail
Bill Hutchinson, Chief Supply Chain Officer and SVP at Sears Holdings, discusses the effect of multichannel (or omni-channel) competition on traditional retail trade.
Taking the Pulse of the 3PL Market
Prof. Bob Lieb of Northeastern University analyzes the results of his annual survey of the CEOs of major third party logistics companies operating in North America, Europe and Asia that focuses on the evolution of the third party logistics industry.
CSCMP's 2014 DSA winner discusses key trends
Mike Regan, the founder of TranzAct Technologies is the 2014 recipient of the CSCMP Distinguished Service Award. Here discusses trends in supply chain management, how they're impacting the industry, and separating the good from the great.
CSCMP CEO Chair Commerce Dept. Competitiveness Committee
Rick Blasgen, president of CSCMP, is the Chair of the Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness, advising the Secretary of Commerce on issues that affect the supply chain sector. He provides an update on the group's mission and activities.
An academic view of omnichannel
Dr. Terry L. Esper, associate professor of supply chain management at the University of Arkansas offers insight on the topic of omnichannel distribution.
Inside IBM's supplier and supply chain risk assessment strategy
Lou Ferretti, the project executive for developing and leading global and strategic programs within IBM's Integrated Supply Chain and across IBM's global supplier network discusses IBM's supplier & supply chain risk tool and process.
New ALAN leader shares vision for wider disaster relief role
Kathy Fulton, the executive director of the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), discusses the group's activities in connecting logistics resources in response to natural disasters.
Easing the pain of an outsourcing decision
Shawn Closser of Wagner Logistics provides tips and ideas on easing the pain of outsourcing.
A young professional on a mission
Susie Conley of Caterpillar Logistics, winner of CSCMP's Young Professionals Emerging Leader Award, discusses her view on the critical importance of relationships in career development and logistics operations.
Saddle Creek's alternative fuel program gaining traction
Michael DelBovo, President of Saddle Creek Transportation, gives an update on his company's $40 million CNG project that started in 2012 and consists of a fueling station and 200 Freightliner tractor-trailers powered by compressed natural gas.
How CSCMP connects you and the markets
Members of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals discuss the enormous benefits they gain from connecting with other executives and advancing their careers through the group's conference and other programs.
Accelerating Fulfillment for Competitive Advantage
Changing customer expectations are driving companies to accelerate fulfillment. Learn about the benefits of enabling speed in distribution and the delicate balance required to achieve a higher level of service while not exceeding cost expectations.
What You Need to Know About Ship-from-Store Fulfillment
Retail leaders are using ship-from-store fulfillment to connect demand with inventory in the most flexible and cost-effective way. Hear about the benefits of this approach and learn five things you need to know if you are considering ship-from-store.
Harnessing Complexity for Competitive Advantage
Disruptive changes are taking place that are making distribution increasingly complex. But that complexity is creating opportunities for companies that view distribution as an enabler of business growth and competitive advantage.
One Leader's Supply Chain Journey
Joe Andraski, founder of Collaborative Energizer LLC, a supply chain consulting firm, and one of the supply chain field's visionaries, previews his soon-to-be-released e-book, "My Incredible Supply Chain Journey ... And What You Can Learn From It."
Oil, Gas, and Logistics
Brian Murphy, director, business development at Menlo Worldwide Logistics, explains the specialized requirements of the oil and gas industry, and why that industry has become one of the fastest growing segments of the logistics business.
The Golden Rule and the "Inspired Supply Chain"
Mark Richards, vice president of Associated Warehouses Inc., shares insights gleaned from more than three decades of experience, including advice on leading an "inspired supply chain."
What Makes Supply Chain an Attractive Career Choice?
Florian Schick of Merck Serono—Germany and a recipient of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Emerging Leader Award, outlines why the supply chain field offers such great career opportunities for young professionals.
Big Opportunities with Big Data
Richard Sharpe, CEO of Competitive Insights, explains how companies can gain sustainable competitive advantage through integrated business planning (IBP) solutions that transform large volumes of disparate data into fact-based operational insights.
Tim Stratman shares the power of relationships
Both personal relationships and business relationships are essential for successful leadership. Tim Stratman, founder and president of Stratman Partners Executive Coaching, discusses the power of relationships and how they can transform a company.
Washers and Dryers CAN Be Exciting!
Amanda Tolhurst, senior manager of internal materials operations with Whirlpool Corp. and a recipient of this year's CSCMP Emerging Leader Award, discusses what drew her to a career in supply chain management—and why she finds it so enjoyable.
Supply Chain Challenges in Danger Zones
John Vogt, global logistics vice president for Halliburton, a major oil and gas services company, discusses the many complex and interesting logistical challenges of operating in hard-to-reach and sometimes dangerous locations around the world.
The Capgemini Global Trade and Container Flow Index
Shanton Wilcox, principal and North American lead for logistics and fulfillment with Capgemini Consulting, introduces his firm's Global Trade and Container Flow Index and explains the value that data can provide to supply chain professionals.
Packaging Optimization Improves the Supply Chain
Jack Ampuja, president of the consulting firm Supply Chain Optimizers, discusses how packaging optimization helps companies improve supply chain efficiency, sometimes in unexpected ways.
The Global Career of a Supply Chain Rising Star
Keiko Arai of Bell Helicopter's global sourcing team and a recipient of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Emerging Leader Award, discusses her international career path and her professional aspirations for the future.
CSCMP Marks 50 Years
Rick Blasgen, president and CEO of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), speaks about commemorating the group's 50th anniversary and its vision for the future as the leading global association for supply chain executives.
The Critical Role of Logistics in Disaster Relief
Kathy Fulton, interim president and director of operations for the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), discusses the group's mission, its successes in delivering humanitarian aid, and the legacy of its recently deceased founder, Jock Menzies.
A Conversation with "Mr. Logistics"
On the occasion of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' 50th anniversary, George Gecowets, CSCMP's first executive director, reflects on the genesis of the organization and some key supply chain milestones of the past half century.
XPO Logistics chief sees growth in brokerage, transport management
Bradley S. Jacobs, CEO of XPO Logistics, discusses growth trends in the brokerage, freight forwarding and expedited transportation sectors, and outlines plans to expand deeper into freight brokerage and enter the transportation management category.
Taking the Pulse of the 3PL Market
Prof. Bob Lieb of Northeastern University analyzes the results of his annual survey of CEOs of major third-party logistics companies operating in North America, Europe, and Asia, which focuses on the evolution of the third-party logistics industry.
Filling Up the Supply Chain Talent Pool
Mary Long, vice president of logistics and network planning at Domino's Pizza and a member of CSCMP's board of directors, shares her passionate advocacy for bringing students and young professionals into careers in supply chain management.
The products we use everyday come to us in all different types of packaging. In this segment, we had to Athens, Georgia to see how one facility packages crackers, cookies, macaroni and more in many different ways.
Fashion Delivered with Style
Desigual is one of the world's leading fashion designers. Located in Barcelona, Spain, this company's distribution center features a unique processing technology that helps provide bright and colorful fashions to customers all over the world.
Cardinal Health
Cardinal Health's facility in Waukegan, Illinois, is one of the largest medical supply warehouses in the world. Each day, four miles of conveyors and sophisticated software keep medical products moving at a healthy pace.
CenterPoint Intermodal Center
CenterPoint Intermodal Center in Elwood, Illinois is North America's largest inland port. Unlike a coastal port, there are no boats here. Instead there are two major railroads and thousands of trucks.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 4: Evolution of the Profession, Part II
In Part II, Pioneers Dee Biggs, Bob Camp, Howard Gochberg, Roger Kallock, and James Stock discuss the evolution of the supply chain management profession over the past 50 years.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 1: A Discipline Comes of Age, Part I
In the series premiere, Pioneers Joe Andraski, George Gecowets, Roger Kallock, and Mark Richards discuss the emergence of logistics and supply chain management and the early days of CSCMP.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 5: Supply Chain Reaches the C-Level, Part I
Our fifth episode features Pioneers Joe Andraski, Howard Gochberg, Tom Speh, and Fran Tucker discussing the rise of supply chain executives to the corporate board room level.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 6: Supply Chain Reaches the C-Level, Part II
Part II features Pioneers Ann Drake, Ralph Drayer, Nancy Haslip, and Rick Schorr discussing the rise of supply chain executives to the corporate board room level.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 3: Evolution of the Profession, Part I
In our third episode, Pioneers Ralph Drayer, George Gecowets, Nancy Haslip, and Roger Kallock discuss the evolution of the supply chain management profession over the past 50 years.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 9: Current State of the Profession, Part II
Part II continues our discussion of the current state of the supply chain profession with Pioneers Justin Zubrod, Richard Murphy, Tim Richards, and Fran Tucker.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 2: A Discipline Comes of Age, Part II
In Part II, Pioneers Bob Camp, Ann Drake, Cliff Lynch, Rick Schorr, and Jim Stock discuss the emergence of logistics and supply chain management and the early days of CSCMP.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 8: Current State of the Profession, Part I
For our eighth episode, we’re joined by Pioneers Ken Ackerman, Dee Biggs, John Bowersox, and Mark Richards for a discussion of the current state of the supply chain management profession.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 11: Future of the Supply Chain Management Discipline and CSCMP
The Supply Chain Pioneers series concludes as all of the Pioneers gather together to discuss the future of the supply chain management discipline and its premier association, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 10: The Future, and the Next Big Thing in Supply Chain Management
In our 10th installment, we bring all of the Pioneers (and their crystal balls) together to share their predictions about the future and “the next big thing” in supply chain management.
Supply Chain Pioneers, Episode 7: Key Trends Over the Last 50 Years
Episode 7 brings all of the Pioneers together for a group discussion of key trends in the logistics and supply chain management business over the past five decades.
In ASICS' half-a-million-square-foot DC in Mississippi, automation allows thousands of shoes each day to practically run through the building, helping ASICS distribute footwear to its many sales channels throughout North America.
Florida East Coast Railway
Florida owes much of its development to the arrival of the railway in the late 1800s. That railroad, Florida East Coast Railway, still exists today. But instead of carrying passengers, FEC now hauls all of the goods the Sunshine State uses every day.
The logistics behind a trade show
Get an inside look at the logistics behind MHI's ProMat, a show that attracts 800 exhibitors and some 30,000 visitors.
Staples in Orlando – shipping the right-sized package every time
How many times have you ordered something online and when you received it, the item shipped in a box way too big for what you ordered. See how Staples resolved that problem with technology that produces the right-sided box for every shipment.
Same-day Shipment: The Flip Side of Same-day Delivery
There's been a lot of buzz lately about same-day delivery. To make that happen, says Kevin Reader of System Logistics, DCs must have the right systems and processes in place to enable same-day shipment.
Enabling Technology Provides an Advantage in DCs
Marcello Robertson of Viastore Systems explains the benefits of order-picking systems, automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS) and automated miniload systems, and other technologies for high-velocity distribution centers.