CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly
October 31, 2014

How business intelligence can improve strategic sourcing

Applying business intelligence (BI) solutions to procurement resolves traditional customer/supplier conflicts and provides a wealth of benefits to both parties. A longtime supply chain executive explains how it works.

How Diageo reduced risk in Asia

By tailoring its supply chain strategy for specific product segments, the global beverage company reduced the risk of disruption to its growing Asian business. In the process, it gained a competitive advantage in this vast and variable market.

A supply chain redesign for omnichannel success

To maintain its lead in omnichannel retailing, the venerable U.K. retailer John Lewis has adopted a very modern strategy: converting to "hybrid" distribution centers that fill orders for both retail stores and online sales.

Too-great expectations?

Many young supply chain professionals have unrealistic expectations about job requirements and career paths. Employers and educators must do a better job of communicating what skills and traits new hires will need in the real world.

The real impact of high transportation costs

High transportation costs are driving three main shifts in supply chain strategies. These changes are having a beneficial impact not just on transportation budgets but also on broader supply chain and financial performance.

A seat on the board: Do you have what it takes?

Whether you're choosing a new member of a board of directors or are a candidate yourself, following these guidelines will help to ensure the board includes people with the right skills and attributes for the job.

Get ready for the "software-defined supply chain"

As new technologies transform manufacturing from an activity defined by hardware and logistics constraints to one that's largely defined by software, supply chain leaders will have to completely reshape their product manufacturing and design processes. Most look unprepared to meet that challenge.

How to recognize and reduce risk

Three techniques—segmentation, quantitative risk assessment, and scenario planning—can help managers identify, assess, and mitigate supply chain risk.

Collaboration without borders

In Europe, Baxter International's experience with "horizontal collaboration," where two or more shippers share transportation movements, has been so successful that the company plans to expand the program beyond its current boundaries.

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