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July 22, 2014
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"Protean" supply chains: Beyond flexibility
Flexible, agile, and resilient is no longer enough. Instead, companies need "protean" supply chains that can rapidly alter their shape in response to marketplace changes.
Forward Thinking
Supply chain executives' ambitions exceed their grasp—for now
A study conducted by MHI and Deloitte reveals the goals of supply chain executives and the constraints they face.

Forward Thinking
New book offers guidelines for evaluating 10 world regions
Global Supply Chains: Evaluating Regions on an EPIC Framework—Economy, Politics, Infrastructure and Competence presents a systematic approach to evaluating 10 world regions with respect to supply chain activities.

Forward Thinking
Study: Superior supply chains = superior growth
Recent research by Deloitte Consulting quantifies the financial benefits of superior supply chain capabilities.

Forward Thinking
New supply chain excellence index set to debut
A new index compiled by Arizona State University and Supply Chain Insights will rank companies on supply chain excellence by industry.

Forward Thinking
Industrial purchasers are embracing e-commerce
What was once the sole province of consumers has migrated to the realm of industrial purchasing, according to the results of a recent surveyed sponsored by UPS.

Forward Thinking
Global Trade and Container Flow Index
Despite the eurozone's fiscal troubles, global trade in Q1/2014 increased at an estimated rate of 1.3 percent, to US $2.234 billion. That growth was largely fueled by rising exports and domestic market demand in developed economies.

Forward Thinking
Apple rules Gartner's "Supply Chain Top 25" list again
The global consumer electronics company retains the top spot for the seventh consecutive year.

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Letters to the Editor
Letters and comments from our readers

Dialogue: A conversation with an industry leader
Social media champion
Social media can offer supply chain managers a better way to break down organizational silos and solve supply chain problems, argues consultant Tony Martins.

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