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November 26, 2014
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The Evolution of Omni-Channel Distribution

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What it really takes to start a revolution
You don't have to be a technological genius to be an innovator, says tech entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki. You just have to think different.
Forward Thinking
Retail backroom: From storage closet to key supply chain node
With the growth of omnichannel retailing and pressure for faster deliveries, leading-edge retailers are reimagining the backroom as mini distribution centers.

Forward Thinking
Procurement pendulum is swinging back to centralized models, study finds
KPMG International has documented a strong trend toward the adoption of centralized and "center-led" procurement operating models, but cautions that decentralized activities can be beneficial for many companies.

Forward Thinking
Industrial property business basks in the glow of a virtuous cycle
Solid demand, tight supply, higher prices? What's not to like, if you're on the supply side.

Forward Thinking
ALAN appoints Fulton as executive director
The American Logistics Aid Network has named its interim executive director to a permanent post; Joel Anderson and Felicia Alexander also join the group in volunteer positions.

Forward Thinking
New book shows how to build a supply chain roadmap
A book by Supply Chain Quarterly contributor Hernán David Pérez expands on his popular article, "Supply chain strategies: Which one hits the mark?"

Forward Thinking
Global trade and container flow index: Still fixing leaks in the global economy
World trade is growing—but only slightly.

Forward Thinking
Third-party logistics CEOs report improvements in growth, profitability
Respondents to the 21st Annual Survey of Third-Party Logistics Provider CEOs appear confident about their current and future prospects.

Forward Thinking
Strong supply chain necessary for success in emerging markets
Accenture survey finds that leading companies are more likely to invest in and alter their supply chains to meet the needs of a specific market.

Forward Thinking
Talent shortage permeates logistics and supply chain organizations, annual survey concludes
Nearly half of the participants in the 19th Annual Third-Party Logistics Study said they were having trouble finding and retaining qualified employees.

Forward Thinking
CSCMP issues research update on India
A new publication in the "Global Perspectives" series looks at the current state and future prospects of India's logistics and supply chain management industry.