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January 26, 2015
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A supply chain lesson from the oil fields
If your company experienced massive, disruptive change, could you respond quickly enough?
Top-Performing Supply Chains
How do you define supply chain excellence?
Each month, this new column will track the supply chain performance of key companies in a specific industry group. First up: electronics and high tech.
Forward Thinking
To make progress on sustainability, team up with others
A new study finds that the most successful sustainability programs involve collaboration with external partners.

Forward Thinking
3PLs battling against "service commoditization"
A report from eyefortransport suggests that 3PLs could differentiate themselves by developing expertise in emerging technologies.

Forward Thinking
What you can learn from procurement superstars
IBM's study identifies the strategies and actions that differentiate "procurement role models" from their peers.

Forward Thinking
CSCMP publication looks at the current state of supply chain visibility
The latest issue of CSCMP Explores ... investigates what companies can do to improve visibility in their extended supply chain.

Forward Thinking
Supply chain struggles to keep up with retailers' omnichannel ambitions
Results of two studies outline some of the challenges retailers face in fulfilling orders from the store floor and the backroom.

Forward Thinking
The problem with new products
A new Terra Technology study finds that product proliferation is having a negative impact on demand forecasting accuracy.

Forward Thinking
UT report: The future belongs to regional supply chains
A new paper from the University of Tennessee's Global Supply Chain Institute argues that many companies' decisions to shift manufacturing to Asia failed to fully consider the challenges and risks inherent in managing a global supply chain.

Forward Thinking
Global trade and container flow index: Uneven growth and stability across the globe
Geopolitical risks have had adverse consequences on world trade in some regions, while others have held steady.

Forward Thinking
The problem with new products
An annual study from Terra Technology finds that product proliferation is having a negative impact on demand forecasting accuracy.

Forward Thinking
Pressure for sustainable supply chains grows
An international survey shows that 80 percent of businesses are facing customers' demands that their supply chains be socially responsible.