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March 29, 2015
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In developing countries, a little creative thinking goes a long way
Tailoring supply chain practices to unique local conditions and culture can have a big impact on residents' quality of life.
Top-Performing Supply Chains
Top-performing supply chains: Consumer packaged goods
Product complexity appears to be holding back performance improvement
Forward Thinking
To make progress on sustainability, team up with others
A new study finds that the most successful sustainability programs involve collaboration with external partners.

Forward Thinking
3PLs battling against "service commoditization"
A report from eyefortransport suggests that 3PLs could differentiate themselves by developing expertise in emerging technologies.

Forward Thinking
What you can learn from procurement superstars
IBM's study identifies the strategies and actions that differentiate "procurement role models" from their peers.

Forward Thinking
Without action, freight-related pollution will jump 300 percent, ITF says
Changes in global trade patterns and soaring freight volumes could lead to a spike in global carbon emissions, warns the International Transport Forum.

Forward Thinking
Struggling to adapt to an omnichannel world
A survey by the consulting firm EY and the Consumer Goods Forum finds that many supply chain executives believe their current supply chains are not well suited for omnichannel retailing.

Forward Thinking
Research firm ranks top U.S. schools for supply chain technology
The Gartner subsidiary Software Advice says Penn State and University of Wisconsin provide the best education in supply chain technology.

Forward Thinking
Driverless vehicles: Where to next?
A new report from DHL forecasts logistics applications for automated vehicles.

Forward Thinking
Global Trade and Container Flow Index: Global trade holds steady amid a confluence of factors
Geopolitical conflict and disease dampened growth in 2014, but total activity remained steady through the year.

Dialogue: A conversation with an industry leader
Do-it-yourself risk assessment
Five years ago, IBM went in search of a tool to help it better assess the vulnerabilities of its global pool of suppliers. When the company couldn't find what it needed, Louis R. Ferretti and his team built their own.

CSCMP Notebook
Why "big data" is proving elusive in retail supply chains
A new report published by CSCMP and the Food Marketing Institute details the main reasons why the use of big data has been so limited to date.

CSCMP Notebook
Q4 update shows the "State of Logistics" is improving
The first-ever Q4 update to CSCMP's annual "State of Logistics Report" analyzes developments since the original report's release in June 2014.

CSCMP Notebook
Multimedia course covers the essentials of SCM
CSCMP's Web-based course Supply Chain Management Essentials (SCME) uses multimedia to provide a solid grounding in the fundamentals of supply chain management.

CSCMP Notebook
CSCMP Explores... looks at the current state of supply chain visibility
"Supply Chain Visibility: A Missing Link in the Extended Supply Chain" outlines what companies can do to improve performance through increased visibility.