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October 21, 2018
CSCMP Notebook

CSCMP Notebook


New Resource Guide: Get your name out there

If your company sells supply chain services, then CSCMP's updated and renamed Resource Guide can help you connect with supply chain management professionals around the world. Formerly called the Resource Directory, the online guide includes detailed listings for consultants, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and freight forwarders. All CSCMP members can access and search the guide for free.

The listings include geographical coverage, areas of expertise, certifications, specific skills, and more. CSCMP members can use multiple criteria to search for service providers. For example, a user could search for a consultant who has forecasting expertise in the consumer product goods industry, a 3PL that has both cross-docking and kit-building capabilities, or a freight forwarder that is a certified cargo screening facility and also offers bonded warehousing.

Company listings are available for an annual fee of US $300 ($250 for CSCMP members). The fee covers listings for a main office and up to five additional company locations. For more information, go to

Nominate your "hero" for CSCMP's top award

Who's your supply chain hero? Do you know someone who has a distinguished record as a leader and innovator in the profession? Someone who has improved the industry's understanding of the supply chain? Then consider nominating him or her for CSCMP's 2011 Distinguished Service Award.

CSCMP is accepting nominations for this year's award until April 30, 2011. The award recipient will be honored at CSCMP's Annual Global Conference 2011, scheduled for October 2-5 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

More details about the nomination process and award criteria can be found at

Get smarter about truckload procurement

Buying truckload services is unlike other transportation purchases. The market has its own structure and contracting method, and it's highly fragmented. As the latest issue of CSCMP Explores... explains, it pays to take a more strategic approach to truckload procurement.

Deriving Strategic Advantage from Truckload Procurement was written by Kevin McCarthy and Chris Brady of CH Robinson Worldwide with the help of writer Ken Cotrill. The report outlines what's unique about buying truckload services and describes how companies can streamline the procurement process. The authors also explain how to get the most out of baselines and metrics, set the right bid frequency and contract length, and take advantage of bidding tools and transportation management systems. The publication concludes with a look at managing freight networks that are constantly in a state of flux.

The CSCMP Explores... publications are designed to give you a deeper understanding of hot supply chain topics. Each issue is written by a leading expert and summarizes current research in the relevant subject area. Digital versions of recent issues are available to all members and can be found on CSCMP's website.

CSCMP and SIL collaborate on European conference, exhibition

From June 8-10, 2011, CSCMP's 2011 Europe Conference will be co-located with the 9th International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition (Salón Internacional de la Logística y de la Manutención, or SIL) in Barcelona, Spain. In this interview, SIL Organizing Committee President Enrique Lacalle talks about the secrets of SIL's success, new features planned for this year's event, and why Barcelona is the ideal host for both events.

CSCMP: SIL has become the benchmark event for logistics companies throughout the Mediterranean. What have been the keys to SIL's success?
Enrique Lacalle: SIL originated 12 years ago in response to the logistics sector's need for a business platform where professionals and companies could exchange ideas, products, and services. ... SIL's secret has been its consistency and the fact that it has evolved in tandem with the logistics sector. Over the past 12 years, we have ... been there with the best and most complete business and knowledge platform in southern Europe and the Mediterranean area; we also serve as a "bridge" with Latin America. Today SIL is the annual logistics meeting in the Mediterranean.

What are some of the innovations SIL will present this year?
In order to provide an offering that is more closely tailored to specific segments of the logistics industry, we have created two new exhibition areas, one devoted to electronic commerce (SIL E-Commerce) and one for the packaging sector (SIL Pack). These areas complement the two new ones we created last year: SIL Tech, for new technologies, and SIL Trans for road transport. To round out our e-commerce offering, we will present a workshop where we will discuss the latest and most interesting topics related to logistics and electronic commerce. We are also finalizing development of many other innovations, including a technical conference devoted to air cargo and a new exhibition area dedicated to the automatic identification sector.

Year after year SIL can count on increased international participation. Why is that?
If logistics is a global activity, then SIL must be global, too. ... For that reason, we have always been committed to the international nature of the exhibition. ... Last year, 45 percent of participants were international, making SIL 2010 our most international event ever—and we are confident that we will have similar figures this year. As of today, we have confirmation that companies from [Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, and the Middle East] will take part in SIL 2011.

What will be the main technical conferences at SIL this year?
We will continue our commitment to traditionally important events like the Mediterranean Logistics and Transport Forum. ... Concurrently, we will hold our usual extensive agenda of technical conferences that address all of the links in the logistics chain. In that regard, we welcome a great innovation this year. We are very pleased and proud that CSCMP Europe will coincide with SIL. We are thrilled that CSCMP's investment in Europe and SIL will move forward hand in hand.

What are SIL's objectives for the future?
To keep on serving the logistics sector and to try to be more like the great German exhibitions, which are our benchmarks. SIL is the leading exhibition in the Mediterranean and the second largest in Europe. ... We want to be even bigger, even more international if possible, and with representation from the entire logistics sector.

How important is Barcelona for the logistics sector?
Barcelona is a geostrategic point for trade with the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Americas. This noble city is the gateway to Europe. It has an important port and has always considered transport and logistics to be strategic sectors that are key elements in its economic and social development. All of this has made Barcelona a city that carries great weight in the Mediterranean region, as evidenced by the fact that it hosts the Union for the Mediterranean Secretariat (a cooperative agreement between the European Union and 16 countries in North Africa and the Middle East.)

What role do you see logistics playing in the future?
Logistics will continue to be a strategic sector in the future because nowadays it is impossible to create a successful company without good logistics. At times like this, when companies need to reduce costs, immediately respond to their clients' needs, offer the best quality when providing their services, and optimize resources and production ... logistics plays a fundamental role. Logistics ... is a key factor in achieving competitiveness, and it is a genuine engine of industry.

— Madeleine Miller-Holodnicki, ABC

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