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June 22, 2018

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2014: A rewarding year for U.S. logistics

State of Logistics Report
2014: A rewarding year for U.S. logistics

Demand for freight and logistics services in 2014 reached record levels in some sectors. If growth continues as expected, then tighter capacity—and higher rates—are likely to follow.


Air freight attracts attention again

Tight capacity and service disruptions have some shippers rethinking their mix of air and surface modes. Analytics is helping them make the right decisions.

The rising relevance of brick-and-mortar stores

Retailers that adapt to store fulfillment of online orders will be in a position to better serve their customers now and in the future.

The U.S. consumer to the rescue

Macroeconomic developments created some volatility over the past year, but consumer spending is helping to keep the U.S. economy moving.

Shifting currents

The coming year could bring both changes and opportunities for buyers of ocean transportation services.

Diverging tracks

Although intermodal continues to grow, railcar traffic is slumping. Secular and cyclical trends suggest the outlook for the two segments is unlikely to change much in the near term.

Follow the food and beverage leader

As the fastest growing segment of distribution warehousing, the food and beverage sector can provide insights into trends that could affect the entire industry.

Relationships rule the day

Sharing information and collaborating to achieve mutual benefits will help both shippers and motor carriers thrive in an increasingly challenging operating environment.

The payback challenge

Many buyers expect supply chain software will slash costs and take performance to new levels, but survey results show that nearly half of the implementations have not produced the expected return.
Third-Party Logistics

Convergence accelerates—but will shippers buy in?

As 3PLs expand their value proposition through mergers and more comprehensive offerings, many shippers still continue to treat them as commodities, sabotaging both parties' chances for success.
Direct Connection

A great year for supply chain and logistics

CSCMP's 26th Annual "State of Logistics Report" confirms that in 2014 the logistics industry experienced its best performance since the Great Recession.

Good news, bad news (and maybe some more good news)

Transportation and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) did better in 2014 than they had in years. That doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about.
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TIA sees no limit to 3PL sector growth
Robert Voltmann, president and CEO of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), joins us from CSCMP's annual EDGE Conference in Atlanta to discuss the state of the industry, and specifically the role of 3PLs in the market.

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Top-Performing Supply Chains
Five seismic shifts in supply chain technology
Supply chain technology is changing rapidly as new, innovative solution providers leave traditional legacy players behind.

Research for the Real World
Understanding "crowd logistics"
New research examines how crowd logistics differs from traditional logistics service models and which type of crowd logistics might be the most disruptive.
Forward Thinking
Commentary: When failure is really not an option
You shouldn't have to worry about the hospital supply chain when wheeled into the OR.

Forward Thinking
Putting logistics on a low-carbon diet
New book explores ways to cut industry's greenhouse-gas footprint.

Forward Thinking
XPO to build highly automated DC in U.K.
The warehouse will open in 2020 and handle consumer packaged goods for Nestle as well as testing new technologies.

Forward Thinking
LevaData announces $12 million venture funding for AI tools
Artificial intelligence software can cut supply chain risk and cost, firm says.

Forward Thinking
Truckers sitting in sweet spot as decade winds down, State of Logistics Report says
Truckers seen taking share from rails as technologies drive down costs, improve service, annual report says; transport, inventory costs climbed well above inflation in '17, it adds.

Forward Thinking
Jump in dedicated revenues highlights strong 2017 for 3PLs, Armstrong says
Dedicated grows much higher than historical average as shippers seek capacity assurance.

Forward Thinking
Home Depot launches pilot for ambitious outbound delivery plan
Four-year, $1.2 billion initiative aimed at making next-day deliveries to all U.S. customers.

Forward Thinking
Transport, warehousing employment gains in the U.S. fueled by warehousing, truck, couriers
U.S. government data shows sector gained 19,000 jobs over April figures.

Forward Thinking
How Unilever funds supply chain innovation
To encourage employees to be more innovative, the consumer packaged goods company set up a microfunding effort for small experimental supply chain implementations.

Forward Thinking
International air freight to have tradable futures market
TAC Holdings establishes platform to remedy pricing "inefficiencies."

CSCMP Notebook
New CSCMP report explores blockchain and data sharing
CSCMP's latest Hot Topics report looks at how companies can use emerging blockchain technology to improve data sharing and speed up transactions.

Level up: CSCMP EDGE keynote speakers will inspire attendees to improve their supply chains, work environment
The founder of Zipline; a panel of supply chain executives from IBM, Amazon, and Nike; and a happiness expert will discuss technology and the keys to future supply chain success at the industry association's annual conference.

CSCMP launches Supply Chain Professionals Day
The annual event is set for the third Monday in May and will include online photo campaign.

Amazon EU director will present at CSCMP European Conference
Amazon's Sean Olson-Roy leads a strong lineup of sessions on supply chain's latest trends and developments.

What is the consumer Internet of Things?
New Hot Topics report from CSCMP outlines the evolution of IoT and advocates for strong standards.