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December 16, 2017

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Stuck in neutral

State of Logistics Report
Stuck in neutral

The ratio of U.S. logistics costs as a percentage of GDP hasn't changed in two years. Costs should continue to hold steady as the economy struggles to gain momentum.


Shifting dynamics

Demand is likely to remain depressed, but with flat fuel costs and retail expansion in developing markets, that could change.

Stable outlook for pricing

With crude oil prices continuing to hold steady, diesel prices are expected to do the same. But the risk that an unforeseen event could spark volatility remains.

A matter of maturity

Before it can select the right supply chain assets and tactics for handling online orders, a company must first understand its e-commerce "maturity level."

Happy days ... for now

Intermodal should continue to see steady growth for years to come, but some developing trends could slow things down in the long term.

Taking it slow

Despite strengthening domestic sales, U.S. companies are continuing to proceed with caution when it comes to accumulating inventory.

Choppy seas

The rebound in demand after the Great Recession didn't last. Carriers in all sectors of the ocean shipping industry could have trouble filling the ships they ordered.

From tactical execution to strategic enablement

Technology that's making true network optimization and supply chain visibility feasible could (and should) lead shippers to rethink how they work with rail carriers.

Two forces for the future

The growing adoption of supply chain applications in the cloud and of those offered by the big ERP vendors will have a significant impact on supply chain technology over the next three years.
Third-Party Logistics

A look beneath the surface

Despite a strengthening economy, signs of instability are beginning to appear in the third-party logistics industry. It's a good time for both 3PLs and their customers to reevaluate their relationships and their contracts.

Keeping a lid on cost pressures

By using technology and collaborating with their carriers, shippers can mitigate the impact of economic and regulatory trends that are driving up truckers' costs.

Three trends to watch

Same-day delivery, sustainability, and increasing regulation will all have an impact on the warehousing industry, but cost will still be a key factor for most companies.

U.S. logistics costs: Are we measuring the right things?

Inventory carrying costs represent a big chunk of the U.S. logistics costs measured by the annual "State of Logistics Report." Some would argue that carrying costs should be excluded.
Direct Connection

Bringing you the big picture

This year's "State of Logistics Report" provides an overview of the economy over the past year, the logistics industry's key trends, and the total U.S. logistics costs for 2012.

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