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February 23, 2018

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Share and share alike

Share and share alike

Trading partners have a vested interest in working together to minimize risks that disrupt their businesses. Here's why they should share that responsibility.


Orient express

Small shipments can be costly and inefficient in China. A test of compact cargo containers shows how China's railways can improve shipment security while dramatically cutting transit times for small loads.

Now you see it!

A visual scheduling method allowed one manufacturer to adjust production to meet variations in demand for its make-to-order product.

The greening of Whirlpool's supply chain

At Whirlpool, being green is more than just talk. Not only has the appliance maker taken the lead in developing energy-efficient products, but it has also redesigned its supply chain with an eye toward conserving energy and cutting air pollution.

Small wonders

Don't worry if your company isn't a corporate giant. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can use supply chain management to drive a corporate strategy that increases revenues and profits.

From chaos to control

In this real-life story, a consumer products company uses the SCOR model to improve its supply chain performance and change the way it approaches problem solving.

Of human potential

It is not often that I find myself moved by a speech at a business conference. But when I heard Randy Lewis speak earlier this year, it touched a nerve.
Career Ladder

Résumé rescue

There are several possible reasons for the lack of response to your résumé submissions, and there are several possible fixes—some easy and some not so easy.
Direct Connection

Opportunity in the face of uncertainty

To say that uncertainties are a challenge for global business leaders is an understatement, given the unpredictable economic dynamics that supply chain pros are confronting today.

Continental shift

A recent survey conducted among CSCMP members turned up evidence of an important shift in supply chain design.
Monetary Matters

U.S. credit crunch squeezes global trade

In today's interconnected and wired world, what happens in one major market inevitably reverberates in others around the globe. So it's not surprising that economies worldwide are feeling the effects of the U.S. economic slowdown.
Forward Thinking

Companies are rethinking offshore sourcing

Concerned about rising transportation costs and longer lead times, nearly half of the supply chain professionals who took part in a new survey on procurement are considering sourcing materials and parts closer to home.

Revamped benchmarking model goes green

Supply chain benchmarking initiatives are beginning to incorporate environmental conditions as a factor for assessment.

Five ways to prepare for an economic downturn

As the United States teeters on the brink of recession, a panel of financial and procurement experts has recommended five ways that procurement professionals can prepare their companies for an economic downturn.

Measuring the social impact of logistics

Proponents of the European "bestLog" project say that logistics best practices should take into account the social and environmental impact of those standards.

Translating SCM into P&L

If you want to get the attention of your company's top executives, you need to speak their language, and that means finding a way to show the impact of supply chain management on the profit and loss statement.

Rollin' on the river—the Yangtze, that is

With manufacturing and consumer demand moving steadily westward in China, that nation's rivers are fast becoming the mode of choice for transporting raw materials and finished goods.

Who operates the best supply chains?

The votes are in, and Apple Inc. has won the top spot in this year's AMR Research report on the world's best supply chain operations.

Leading a diverse workforce

With companies now employing people of every race, nationality, religious background, and age group, author Juana Bordas says, it is good business practice to incorporate the practices and values of diverse cultures in a respectful and productive manner.

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Top-Performing Supply Chains
Five seismic shifts in supply chain technology
Supply chain technology is changing rapidly as new, innovative solution providers leave traditional legacy players behind.

Research for the Real World
When suppliers and their customers don't see eye to eye
New research examines the implications when a customer requests extra accommodations from a supplier that the supplier views as falling outside of its normal roles and responsibilities.
Forward Thinking
Three supply chain software trends to watch
Look out for more consolidations, analytics, and automation in 2018, says the analyst group Nucleus Research.

Forward Thinking
Wanted: A viable all-water route from Asia to the U.S. Midwest
Despite its potential benefits and easy access to a large consumer market, container shipping on the Mississippi River has not taken off. Entities that stand to benefit the most need to band together, and strong leadership will be required to make it happen.

Forward Thinking
Big Data Analytics—How does your supply chain stack up?
Don't miss your chance to take part in the second annual supply chain big data analytics global survey.

Forward Thinking
Walmart modifies OTIF requirements, tests plan to automate delivery appointments
Retailer changes "on-time, in-full" compliance dates, delivery thresholds.

Forward Thinking
Sea container imports expected to grow 4.9 percent in first half of 2018, NRF-Hackett report says
2017 imports finish 7.6 percent above previous year, but growth is expected to moderate in 2018.

Forward Thinking
Blockchain in Transport Alliance partners with finance trade group
Teaming up with Wall Street Blockchain Alliance will allow BiTA to be logistics industry "help desk," group says.

Forward Thinking
Five ways consumer packaged goods companies can respond to seismic changes in the supply chain
To respond to growth in e-commerce sales and increasing channel fragmentation, CPG companies must increase efficiencies and collaboration while also exploring new technologies, a new report recommends.

Forward Thinking
BNSF joins blockchain group
First railroad to join Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

Forward Thinking
The biggest company you may not know all that much about
China's has a larger fulfillment footprint than Amazon, a broader delivery network than UPS, and it's forcing Alibaba to re-think its model. It may be coming your way—but not yet.

Forward Thinking
Global air growth climbed 9 percent in 2017; best year since 2010, IATA says
Capacity rose by just 3 percent, creating rare "factor of three" ratio.

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Get your entry-level employees certified in inventory management
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Looking for supply chain pioneers
CSCMP is accepting nominations for its Distinguished Service Award through April 30.

Smeltzer wins Young Professional Paper contest
Daniel Smeltzer of Mainfreight USA won for his analysis of how autonomous vehicles could shape the future of supply chain management and the economy.

CSCMP updates SCPro Certifications
Industry association's three-tiered certification program now includes updated industry intelligence and an online option.